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An Evolution – Blogging to Activism

18 Jul

Blogging was fun! I started writing about the funny things which happened when I was mothering and parenting my son. I wrote about how funny (sarcastic drum roll) my husband was. I wrote how blessed I am to have a hectic lifestyle which allows me no time to crib or vent. Sometimes I wrote philosophy. At times poetry during those doleful moment.

Well, I joined World Moms Blog. And then I wrote more mom things. You can read how heart-broken I was when my son wore his glasses. I thought it was my mistake. I went on a guilt trip to many places often. I went to fun trips too. Ha!

And then one day Jennifer asked me, “Would you like to be a movie star?” I dint reply to that mail. Because it was not directed to me, surely!


And then after a week she asked me again. She coaxed me. I said, well, I don’t know.

And then I asked myself, “Why not?”

So, I asked her the details.

And I was surprised to know it was for a social cause. I read many things about Immunisation, Vaccination, the developing nations, the developed nations, children dying in Africa every 20 seconds to a disease which can be prevented by a vaccine.

I read about organisations like GAVI, Shot@Life, The Gates Foundation and more. I read how much the UN was doing and I said, “Yes” to Jen.

So, we shot our first movie. Read about it here.

And then there was no stopping back!

I was an activist and I was hooked. One thing led to another and I participated in twitter parties, I talked about maternal and child health. I wrote about the UN’s MDGs. I interviewed pediatricians. I researched India’s situation. I came across a remote rural village, Piplantri in Western India which was a perfect example of an agent of change. I blogged about it on the Gates Foundation.

I know people who do a lot more things. I did a few things.



I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at my inner self.

I asked myself for the wisdom to do what is right.

I evolved, my blog evolved. We resist change initially, but it slowly envelops it. We have to move on and do what we think we ought to do. It is our moral responsibility to our sisters and brothers of the world.

Balancing my inner self and my outer actions and defining it to be in tandem with my heart’s wisdom and integrating it all to become the complete personality happened. My blog also helped me get there.

Have you been drawn to something greater than yourself? Greater than anything else you know in this world? For me, it is my own inner happiness and contentment in doing my part in this universe.

I know how, when and where this journey began.

This journey through my inner universe has no end.

Evolution is infinity, with no end.

Come, talk to me @BlogHER13.

Come, talk to me @BlogHER 13

Come, talk to me @BlogHER 13

I would like to know your views about blogging and activism. Join me at my panel.

Politics & Activism | Presentation: Ad Hoc Advocacy vs. Non-Profit Structure / Roundtable: International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients on 27th July at 3:15 PM. Listen to me speak.

I am speaking @BlogHER13

I am speaking @BlogHER13


Join World Moms Blog and MDG Momentum today – Help achieve the Millennium Development Goals

6 Apr

Momentum 1000 has kicked off on April 5th. It is in support of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

According to the Momentum 1000 website, “On that day, a community of individuals, organizations, and institutions will come together to celebrate successes to date, reinvigorate discussion on the MDGs themselves, and begin to advance a post-2015 development framework that builds on #MDGmomentum. Join the community and be a part of the 1,000-minute worldwide rally on April 5th!”

The MDG goals are below.



MDG1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

MDG2: Achieve Universal Primary Education

MDG3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

MDG4: Reduce Child Mortality

MDG5: Improve Maternal Health

MDG6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

MDG7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

MDG8: Global Partnership for Development

Today at 9 30 AM IST, there is a twitter chat on #MDG 4 which is child health. I plan to join this party, because it resonates with me so much. Why? Because I am a mother. I love my son. I know all mothers out there love their children so much and no mother ever should outlive their children.

In Aug 2010, my son had fever. We took him to the pediatrician, gave some paracetamol and allowed him to rest. The fever reduced. It again came back. We again gave some paracetamol. It kept fluctuating. It never became a very high fever. It was more a nuisance than life threatening. We did tests for Malaria and Typhoid. They came back negative. We did not test for Dengue. And guess what, he had contacted dengue and we did not know it yet.

Dengue could be life threatening if left untreated for a long time. It IS quite serious. One of my blogger acquaintances here in India lost her daughter to Dengue.

God was kind to me. I have a physician husband. One of my cousins is also a pediatrician. I live in a fairly developing nation, India. I have access to child care. I have knowledge at my finger tips at the click of a mouse and keystroke.

There are so many moms out there who love their children as much as I do, who want the best for their children as much as I do, who are not supposed to outlive their children, who should have access to child care and well, who should see their children grow up and be great men and women of this world. And they should all have rightly access to care to enable good health and long life for their children too.

And so, these Millennium goals resonate so much with me. No mother’s child should fall sick to life threatening, vaccine preventable diseases.

Mothers and citizens of the world, please unite in achieving this MDG 1 through 8. It makes this world a much better place.

MDG WMB Twitter Parties! -1

MDG WMB Twitter Parties! -1

As part of World Moms Blog, I request you to join today’s twitter party! And help achieve the 1000 minutes of virtual conversation.

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