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Love, peace, unity on New Year 2013

28 Dec

My latest article which got published on Huffington Post is about spreading Love, Peace, Unity in coming New Year 2013. The link to it is here.




2012: My blogging predictions!

31 Dec

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern cr...

Mayan Calendar

Now, that the world is going to end on 21st Dec 2012 as per the Mayan Calendar (*I seriously don’t think so! We Homo sapiens, can’t be let off so easily, huh!*), I am going to come up with predictions of my own too, at least my personal blog-post predictions? You want the truth? Check out the things in parentheses… lol!

Jan 1st: I write my first post of the year applauding my handsome DH of staying home all day with me and DS. (*** Huh?! I wish…!! Surely an emergency lung diseased person is going to get admitted and DH is going to rush to the E&R – joys of being a happy homemaker with a physician husband at critical care ***)

Jan 10th: I sign up for something as silly as postaday2012 and write ferociously just about every day and win an award from WordPress to have kept up my resolutions. (*** If only wishes had wings and hopes had brooms. I don’t long to keep up with my writing resolutions, because I don’t long for things I won’t/can’t get anyway. The grapes are sour. ***)

Jan 20th: I start realising that writing every day does not matter, only writing matters and I write a nice longpost about the perils of emptying your creativity in everyday writing (*** see, didn’t I tell you??? You saw it coming after all, didn’t you? ***)

Feb 5th: I write extolling what a wonderful man DH is and get him a wonderful gift for his birthday and write about the joys of being a wife to such a loving person. (*** Did your read this post? I promised myself I would never ever do this kind of thing ever in my/his entire longest life. Want to know why? Huh, who cares? Right! The world is ending on 21st Dec anyway. ***)

March 3rd: 6 years of parental journey! Can it ever get better? Being a mother is joyful. It is bliss. Parenting books help. I bring up the best boy in town. I write all about my fortune of being the best mother to the best child. (*** Seriously, you want to know why I decided I have had my one, and done with parenting? But, well, yes, life is indeed benevolent with everything happening around, so, happy birthday DS 🙂  ***)

March 25th: Summer is a wonderful time and I am waiting for DS’s holidays to begin so that we sign up for those wonderful interesting classes and fun activities and summer clubs and camps and such. It’s all going to be exciting, trust me! Post about fun and merriment and excitement! (*** All mothers of toddlers and young boys, out there, you know the perils of staying at home with one, all day who expends all your energies and creativity. In having to entertain and keep a young boy happy for 24 hours a day for 2 months what all a mother does!!! I know, I feel your compassion from the opposite side of the word! Trust me, I do! How can the world end when so soon? Come on, we mothers have a lot more karma to expel! ***)

April 27th: That post about life being beautiful, life being benevolent, and a pic about the evening sky with the setting sun from my terrace, roof top pics and such. (*** Look at how the posts are getting wider apart! Oh yes, it is summer holidays and I have no time to check FB or WP, but having a grinding… err loving time with my son full day at home! ***)

May 18th: Happy birthday to me! I am a year younger, not older, post! happy sunshine post! My birthday gives me joy and happiness post! la la la! (*** Who cares, I am beyond it. Seriously, you never find time or interest anyway. You wish for, maybe! But no, you do not get your favourite fuchsia coloured Dell laptop or that sleek solitaire ear drops! I have decided to stop dropping hints like this anyway for DH to read and ‘surprise’ me! Life is beyond sucking too anyway! ***)

June 15th: A post explaining school reopened for DS. How I miss him. How I have nothing to do at home and the place looks empty. (*** Seriously, ‘now I got a breather’ post is more in the way! And DH saying how he never gets to spend time with his darling little boy and I get to hog away all of DS’s attention and time. Seriously, come on, I welcome you to share the work load of bringing up an intelligent, tech-savvy, young boy all by yourself! ***)

July 15th: Art, craft, project work post, learning nowadays is fun at school! Lucky DS! (*** Know something, I hate this kind of work load! On top of cooking, cleaning, home making, tolerating a DH who is hardly at home at all, I have to work late into the night getting up DS’s school project work ready. I have to come up with ideas all by myself from the internet, from my own nook and cranny of the ‘vast’ convolutions of the grey and white matter within the skull and build it up. Ooofff!!! But I write a beautiful post about how interesting it was to make the project, take cute pics and put it up!!! Oh man! Seriously!!! We all need to be a bit more honest writing posts for popularity. hmmpphh! ***)

August 25th: Indian Independence day just went by 10 days ago! ‘We did this and that’ post! (*** translates to nothing to report basically in my dull, drab boring saga called life. ***)

September 30th: Whatever post! I need to satiate my reader list! Really! (*** Notice the posts going wide and apart to each other? Was I the one who signed up for postaday2012 crap and Plinky stuff? You bet!!! I am full of inspirations and motivations!!! And LAZINESS!!! ***)

I hibernate in October. Its official!! I need a break too! And autumn is the best time to vegetate!

November 1st: Home making post of de-cluttering, decorating, rejuvenating the spirit of homeliness! November is Diwali time in india and with it, visitors arrive, hence a cleaning up post! (*** Home makers are seriously the most underpaid, most under appreciated lot of the working community! They sacrifice their whole life for something which has no returns, really!!! Did I quit my high paying, glamorous programming white-collar job to scrub the kitchen tiles twenty times a week? ***)

December whatever: I am way beyond caring! Surely a ‘the world ends now’ post! Was that 21st? Heck! I wish it ends now!!! My ‘desperate times’ post! Desperate not for the world going to the dogs, but well, this thankless life! Oh heck, who ever thought their life was thankful??!!! Oh, I forgot the parentheses and beautiful asterisk. Oh, after all, the world is ending; ‘let me be honest with myself’ post!!! So, when the world ends, surely the server where this WordPress is hosted would get destroyed? Would there be back ups for back ups? Or whatever? Will this post be lost in oblivion like us all? ‘My musings’ post and my ‘philosophical words of awe and wonder and thought’ post!!! Ah, ‘life is strange’ post and the ‘world lives on’ post!

That surely was a long post for December, huh? or perhaps multiple posts! Ia m catching on, you see..!

So, there!!! Maybe if I get to mark all those posts on the above image of the Mayan Calendar, I would still consider my writing blogger life successful in 2012!

Happy New Year guys! Come on, I don’t think it really ends in December 2012. Surely, world would not quit so soon!!!

Have a little hope! And share your hope 🙂 Let me know what are your blogging predictions for 2012?

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