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Heart and Mind

24 Apr

Strange are men’s thoughts,

Strange is God’s guidance,

He gave a mind and,

He gave you a heart.


You do your will, you do your wishes,

And blame it on your heart’s say.

Did you forget he gave you a mind,

And sanely intelligence to think?


If He was here and saw you rot,

Becoming weak in your will,

Not doing what you are born to,

But beings slaves of desires,


He would but remove your heart,

And say, NOW use your mind.

Would you exercise conscious

choice, decision and intellect?


And be wise and sensible and sweat

At your tasks, be done with it, and

When you go back home and meet GOD,

See His satisfied smile dancing,


That would have made your stay,

At this humble Earthly abode,

Worth all the pains of fulfilled duties, and

Eternally feeling God’s heart in yours.

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