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BlogHer : A piece of my heart on an article – Down my memory lane of childhood memories

18 Mar

My son posing on his great great grandfather's chair. he was 2 years old and the chair is 100 years old!

My son posing on his great great grandfather’s chair. he was 2 years old and the chair is 100 years old!


What is life made of?

Of beautiful memories, shared and cherished with our loved ones!

Of childhood stories which we tell and retell to our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Of memorabilia and junk collected over a generation, and in some cases if preserved over a century.

Well, I will tell you no more, go and click this link and read my entire article 🙂

It is after all my first article on BlogHer.


Serene memories

23 Apr

I write this, but with a sigh,

When in deep contemplation,

And during my serenest times,

Why do I always remember,

My responsibilities, my goals?


Arent those moods the ones,

I should enjoy, experience,

With a strong memory of the joy.

Yet, during my bliss,

Nature taps to awaken me.


To go back to my work,

To lift the axe again,

To stop being lazy,

And blame it on my heart.


I tear myself away from it, my tranquility,

And think if it was worth all the effort?

I love to dream, love to be at peace,

Love my serenity and my memory.


But nature has other plans,

She knocks me often,

And wants me to work,

Go back to my duties.


Ah, just one more moment,

But just one more sight,

And for eternity I will be content.

And labor with that one memory.

Facebook brought me a smile :)

4 Jan

Do you guys remember the day I wrote about My Peace? Well, I mentioned about those peaceful times I spent and still spend at my childhood home. There was one thing though I missed out in that post and that was my school. It was not a very famous school back then, just a nice school with good teachers and good students. So, whats so special about this?

Everyone loves something about her alma mater and so do I. It is the peace and happiness of my existential moments during my school going days. I loved the idyllic days spent lazily eating lunch under the trees in the school ground, after school hours strolling along the roads, teaching bicycle to my best friend, M, the guys in my class, especially this S (who triggered this blog) making fun of us when they came to know of this, we ignoring them and certain other friends who were not really best or close friends, but well friends anyway.

I mean life was wonderful. Studies were stress free too back then. We dint top the district or the state, but we were not bad either. We were amongst the top ten rankers in the class and we were happy about it. Our parents dint really stress us out for more either.

So, what triggered all these memories? Facebook – though I know this sounds really really clichéd, there is nothing else I can do, other than say the truth. I was pleasantly surprised and truly happy, when I received a friend request from a classmate. I knew this guy, like say, since we were both 5 or 6 years old. We studied together for more than 10 years together. But we were not best friends. We just knew each other and back then, girls and boys in our school did not speak much with each other  unless you know, they were cousins, or siblings, or neighbours, or whatever. I mean, there should be a really specific way you knew someone of the opposite gender for you to speak with them. All this gradually changed when we came to senior high school and we all evolved like any normal society should and became normal.

So, I just had so many memories of S getting triggered because of his friend request and this led to so many other memories of so many other classmates whom I knew and not in touch with.

I remember S’s granny bringing him lunch everyday. She also gave him one chocolate every afternoon after lunch and we all getting jealous of him. I do not know how long this went on. But I knew he did get chocolates from her very often. She lived very close to school. She was short and thin just like him. Once in high school he even told me that his mom is working on her doctoral degree in tuberculosis. We were awed. I could be wrong again, So, S, if you are reading this, correct me. I also remember the day he started wearing glasses. He was the star for a few days among a few of his friends. He was mostly an introvert. But spoke with a few extroverts like us. Oh yes, I was one back then, though now, I do not know, how and why I changed and went into this shell. Oh, this qualifies surely for another dedicated post.

I also remember the times, we used to collect and exchange stamps. I always suspected him and his friends for losing a few stamps. And just now I teased him of stealing my stamps back then in high school and he good-naturedly accused me too. I knew most of the things happening in his life until we were in the same school and we lost touch for the past 8-10 years or so.

I just wonder, how an automated E Mail from FB could trigger all these happy memories of childhood. And to me, he was not even special. I mean, no guy was special back then, except of course my father, who I think is one of the best things which could happen to me, other than DDH and DDS.

These last couple of days I was flooded with so many memories of a lot of my classmates, not just S, that it just felt good to be nostalgic and reminisce about the good times spent.

Yes, Facebook, Orkut and networking really gives some very positive things too. Other than the crimes reported and evils of them, things like these happen too. And S is of course a very nice guy and am I happy to be in touch with him again.., of course I am!

I can almost hear Bryan Adams crooning in my mind’s ear, “Those were the best times of my life”.

S, this post got sparked off because of you,  and yes, I know you are surprised like I promised you 🙂

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