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Guest Post: Poem – The destiny of man

3 Sep

For a change, we have a refreshing poem from Purushotham. This is very contemplative.



The wandering mind goes hither and thither

Time may fly and seasons may whither

What keeps you going all along it asks

where paths are less trodden and hope may pass

The thought echoes in the caverns of the mind

Answer says the ego and its kind

A faint rumble may be felt

Akin the trickle of water along a cleft

What keeps you going again I ask

Where pain and pleasure hold its sway

Come and answer if you may

Lo behold, says the mind,

It is but silence that I find

The heart is cold and the soul is sore

And then a giant stands tall and proud

Pristine but lonely in the crowd

I am the human spirit it says

I rise and come when the hearts may sway

All along men have turned to me

When courage is lost and hope has left thee

All that glitters is not gold

The mind you know has to be told

Actions speak louder than mere words

But even thoughts can cut ere a sword

Set your heart and you shall achieve

For this world flatters to deceive

Not all that wander must be lost

This I realized at a cost

Life reflects a larger dream

Not just to wander, shout and scream

Look within and you realize

In the silence lies the ultimate prize

Lonely in a crowd must he stand

Such is the destiny of a man


Purushotham is studying to be a pediatrician in one of the ledaing med-schools in Bangalore, India. Though a physician by profession, this has only fuelled his artistic and creative flairs.

Do you write poems too? Share your glimpses about life with us.

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Heart and Mind

24 Apr

Strange are men’s thoughts,

Strange is God’s guidance,

He gave a mind and,

He gave you a heart.


You do your will, you do your wishes,

And blame it on your heart’s say.

Did you forget he gave you a mind,

And sanely intelligence to think?


If He was here and saw you rot,

Becoming weak in your will,

Not doing what you are born to,

But beings slaves of desires,


He would but remove your heart,

And say, NOW use your mind.

Would you exercise conscious

choice, decision and intellect?


And be wise and sensible and sweat

At your tasks, be done with it, and

When you go back home and meet GOD,

See His satisfied smile dancing,


That would have made your stay,

At this humble Earthly abode,

Worth all the pains of fulfilled duties, and

Eternally feeling God’s heart in yours.

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