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Loving the daughter I have not met!

8 Mar

I love babies. I love baby boys and baby girls in no definite order. I have a son and I love him the most. Obviously!

And our family is a small family with the two of us, (my husband and I) and our dear darling 7-year-old son. No, we do not have a daughter. Hey, I am not pregnant either, in case you are wondering. So, what is with the title of this article, you may think.

As much as we would love to have a daughter too, I should say, nature has other plans. The three of us is going to be our family and I would like to think we are complete and happy. Yes, we most definitely are.

Now nature decided to bestow upon us a daughter too, a daughter in a different way. I became an aunt to the most beautiful adorable baby girl in the whole world. Yes, that is the mommy (aunty) in me talking! This beautiful baby girl was born almost two months ago and I have not met her yet. And here I write an ode to her and about her.

The pictures I have seen make me want to meet her ‘once’.  Not just once. But at least once.

My niece holding her mother's fingers

My niece holding her mother’s fingers

Her eyes are fiery, like the tempest. Her forehead is broad and shines with intelligence. She has a lot of jet black hair. Her father wishes for her to have hair like mine, straight, soft and docile. But no sir! I do not want her or her hair to be soft and docile like me.

I would like to think of her as a go-getter of the things in the world she wants and aspires for. Cheeky and audacious, bold and vivacious, like all the things and more I was in my younger days.

I wish for her not to be the stereo type-casted woman of India, nor like certain modern-day woman with minimum ethics or morals, but for her to have a delicate balance and show the world what a true woman is to be.

This beautiful baby niece of mine was born and stays just 230 miles away (6 hours’ drive) from where we stay. But I haven’t met her for over two months due to certain personal glitches. Now you may ask, don’t you meet a niece, your own sibling’s child, because of a ‘glitch’? Well, that is an entirely different long story. It requires a separate post(ok, maybe a book) in itself. So, the long and short of it, we planned twice to go see her, and we had to cancel our trip both the times. And now here I whine about not having met her.

I most definitely have the sun and moon of my entire being, my darling son. But now, I also have a daughter, thanks to nature, in the form of my niece. My sibling’s child is my child too in some ways and it is the closest to my having my own daughter. And I have to thank nature (or God if you may call it so) for this gift.

But I hope beyond all the hope that someday I get to meet her, see her for real in person, hold her, feel those tiny palms and fingers which you can see in the picture, and cherish her.

Like I got the daughter which I was never destined to get, I know I will also get to meet her soon too even if fate has other plans.  (???!!!!)

Hey, isn’t it the International day of women today?

Divine Blessings, Ample Happiness, Best Wishes, Great Hopes, Spiritual Grace, Bounteous Joy and all the best of the Universe on this women’s day to the woman (who is yet a baby) and to all the other beautiful women of the world!

Isn’t it Kismet which has made me write about her, today, instead of all the other days, which in itself makes me feel an unusual sense of calm about this beautiful day of today.


My Friend Within by Paul Romano – Book Review!

22 Oct

I recently chanced upon a book, “My friend Within” by Paul Romano. It is a very beautiful book written for children. It very subtly tells that God is in everything around us and within ourselves too.

Once when Paul, the author was drawing a meditative image during art time, his children gravitated towards it. Then they experimented placing the meditative image in various locations. And eventually the book was birthed.

What I love about the book is, it is very simple.

It is straight forward.

It is not religious.

It is universal.

It is loved by children.

And it subtly talks about God as the friend within, without actually telling so. Aren’t children smitten with their friends?

And the best thing – It is FREE until Oct 23rd to be downloaded on Kindle.

Click this link to download it for free from Amazonhttp://www.amazon.com/My-Friend-Within-ebook/dp/B009MHUGUG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1349538237&sr=8-2&keywords=my+friend+within

If you like the book, then please leave a review on Amazon.

If you want a hard copy – https://www.createspace.com/3356509

The future depends on today’s children. It depends on the healthy minds and beautiful hearts of today’s children. So, go get your free copy today! And I hope your children benefit.

Guest post: Faith exists. But God?

29 Aug

The first guest blogger Narasimhan writes about faith and God and theism and the lack of it.

‘Lighthouses are more helpful than churches’ ,said the great Benjamin Franklin.

He wasn’t just referring to churches, he was saying guidance came more from knowledge of fact than acceptance of faith. A staunch rationalist, and a legitimate yet broad-minded thinker, I agree with him. Don’t brand me as an atheist. Don’t yet, at the least.

Let me first tell you more about myself before you judge me. I’m an engineering student, a nineteen year old youth. I’m an Indian, which means I’ve been born and brought up in a country where people take for granted the existence of God, to the extent that they believe more in it than in the darkness of night or the sweetness of sugar. When you’re born and brought up in a place where HE is everything, the sole reason for our existence, questioning HIS existence is not an idea that is bound to win you cheers. You might even become an outcast if you tried it here.

I’d read somewhere, a few days ago, the words of a man I found to be great. He’d said that faith was something that the common man believed to be true, the wise thought to be untrue, and the ruling class found to be useful. I couldn’t help but feel that what he said did somewhat describe how things were going on in this world.

Before debating into these very sensitive realms, I would like to ask myself and all of you one simple question. Does everybody here agree that our life compulsorily depends on some sort of trust on some entity, people, systems and the like ? I would guess yes. If you said no to that, it would mean you had no friends, no family, no security in life, no trust on your country’s governance… so on and so forth, basically implying your existence here has been completely of no meaning.

So, yes, right ?

Then I must wonder loudly, in a world where survival is a herculean task without trust on family, friends, systems, etc , how those who call themselves atheists can possibly think they can live without a trust or faith that is supreme, and a basis to all these other faiths ? But I might have the answer.

Atheists I see do not seem to lack faith. It’s just that rationalism is their faith. They believe, they trust. What they say without saying, is that they DO believe in God, but not the way the others do. They might deny it, but what I completely understand from their lives is that they do have faith in that ‘God’ the others talk about, but it’s not an idol, person, or a physical or eternal entity. It’s a way of life. It’s a system.

When things are done as they should be, when you do things you should, be whom you should be, and that you extends all over humanity, and the universe goes as it should because every trivial part of it goes as it should. When the whole universe seems to function in unison because every small seemingly disconnected part of it functions as it should, in rhythm, then, those with faith see order. Atheists see God.

Atheists are not people without faith. They are idealists, in one sense – idealists, who try their best to make sure their actions work to make the world they control as it should, but only that, instead of saying ‘Thank you God’ at the end of it, they, go ahead with the next endeavor so that people that the world calls ‘believers’ will have something to thank God for.

I’m not trying to say that atheists are the only ones who ever contribute to the world, no. I’ve seen a million people with faith, right in my own family whom I admire for who they are. Faith is what lives in them, and maybe to some extent helps them do what they do, but its still they who do it, and they realize they are the ones who have to.

Faith that there is some entity out there that is supremely powerful and wants nothing more than to help and protect us is most definitely comforting for most of us, especially given the wide range of problems we might face every day. This faith is what drives most of the people who are convinced they believe in God. In fact, that belief is existent in every one, however small, in some part of us or the other. But that should not mean we take everything thrown at us meekly, saying “He does it for a reason”. That is stupidity more than faith. Being too weak or lazy to take your life into your own hands is different from actually believing things happen for a reason.

Many people find it hard to justify the need for God, citing the fact that if science can explain everything, there is no need for a supreme. ‘Science is supreme’ , they’d say. Fine then, science is supreme. You still have faith in science then, don’t you ?

Faith is inevitable. Scientist, rational thinker, priest, worshipper, atheist, be what you may, be what your faith may, you still can never deny the presence of one. Anything you do today for a better tomorrow has in it a faith on the existence of a tomorrow. Every action done for another has in it  a faith on love and friendship. Every breath taken today has a faith on the air we breathe, imbibed in it.

God or no God, faith exists.

Narasimhan is studying to be a Mechanical Engineer from BITS, Pilani, Goa, India. He is also a member of the Mensa Club. He is The Alchemist’s(Purnima) cousin, just so you know. He likes reading a lot, especially on topics of philosophy and science, and believes  that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, however different they might be. He plays tennis when not whirling those wheels in his mind and listens to light music. Know more about  him at http://risingmoments.wordpress.com. You will be surprised to know he dabbles a bit in poetry too!

What is your faith? Post it as a comment to this post or share it in your own blog and post the link here.

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Motherhood and being Cultured!

5 Nov


This post is dedicated to the one year Blogiversary of one of the most happening parenting communities, World Moms Blog.

I was asked to write about Motherhood relating to our Indian culture and link up with the World Moms Blog . In India I would say there are at at least 50 different cultures for every aspect. And the same and more apply to motherhood. Having said that, this post has nothing to do with any of the  specific 50 different cultures of India.

For me motherhood simply means worshipping my mother’s motherhood. I should say I have not much vocally appreciated her as much as I should be not only for bringing me up, but doing everything else and more for my son, her grandson.


Sculpture - "Motherhood" at St.Anne convent in northern Kentucky.

This is where it began. When I was pregnant I contacted Hepatitis-A, a viral infection and was down with jaundice. It was not specifically life threatening or problematic for the baby in womb (because of the placental barrier), but we all were so stressed mentally and emotionally. This was approximately during the 22nd week. I was working 12 hours a day, designing the supposedly love of my life, car electronics. During that period I was living, 350 miles away from home.

The gynecologist and gastroentrologist advised complete bed rest until the day of delivery. I was very upset hearing this. I pleaded, I coaxed, that I work at least after a month’s rest. I was feeling completely fit and fine. But for whatever reasons God chose, I was back at my parents’ home relaxing and enjoying all the remaining 5 to 6 months of pregnancy. I was eating home cooked food by the world’s greatest cook (mom), being pampered and cared and just plain killing time reading books, researching pregnancy and stuff over the internet. The DDH used to visit me over the weekends at my parents’ place. [**I have not really thanked him enough for letting me stay on at my parents’ place indefinitely**]. And life was benevolent indeed.  

And then, one fine day I delivered a healthy happy crying baby boy and all was fine again in this mama’s world.

And I went back to work when DDS was 6 months old.

No day care, said the DDH. No nannies. No nothing. I was devastated. Apparently the DDH was a great fan of attachment parenting, and well, neither did I have the heart to send him to a day care to strangers. I mean, yes, I know there are so many wonderful care centers and I am not being judgmental. Having said that, I just felt I needed my little boy to be with people he knew, he was biologically related to.

So, super woman aka my mom, aka my son’s grand mom stepped in to the rescue. She traveled 350 miles away from her home, stayed with us, away from her husband and her son and took care of DDS while I worked away ‘happily’ at the car electronics typing away software codes for the automatic power steering.

Now, my dad visited us during the weekend to be with his wife, my mom and with all of us, his family. And oh, my brother sacrificed being with his mom too, because he was just entering college, and needed her emotional support. But the neediest was the baby, so my mom devoted her entire time, energy and thoughts to baby. We stayed in this arrangement for at least 5 years when we decided I would quit work because mom had to go back home, for her own personal reasons.

But the point is, my mom put up with a 25-year-old, grown up, pregnant, moody, lazy, physically unwell woman (me) for half a year, an ignorant mom (me) for another half-year and then she stayed away from her family, her husband and her son for 5 full years. I can not really thank my father and brother enough for letting me have her fully. She did all this for her grandson. Her idea of motherhood which can not be defined in any words except by retelling this story is just my idea of motherhood.

Culture is also refinement, culture is also being civilized, culture, my father always says, is doing what is best and correct for the moment and living life the way, God would later say, Ah, I am proud of you, my child. Isnt that how culture must have evolved in any society?

So, I am blessed to have parents who are cultured and who tried their best to imbibe that in my brother and me.

And this post celebrates that woman, who is the best mother in the whole world.

Some day, I hope my son says that too.


This article is part of the World Moms Blog Link-up

This article is part of the World Moms Blog Link-up

Go ahead, click the above button and view all posts written by mothers all around the globe participating in the World Moms Blog link up! I encourage the reader to also participate by writing your own post under the topic, “Motherhood, culture and myself” and show your support for the most celebrated feeling, “motherhood” by ‘liking’ and commenting on my and all posts.

Let me BE.

2 Nov


Be Led



Let me be led from laziness to purposefulness.

Let me be led from being idle to a being of use.

Let me be led from anger and hatred to being detached.

Let me be led from nonchalance to compassion.


Let me share and spread the Love.

Let my life be what it ought to be.

Let me just Be what I have to Be!


Heart and Mind

24 Apr

Strange are men’s thoughts,

Strange is God’s guidance,

He gave a mind and,

He gave you a heart.


You do your will, you do your wishes,

And blame it on your heart’s say.

Did you forget he gave you a mind,

And sanely intelligence to think?


If He was here and saw you rot,

Becoming weak in your will,

Not doing what you are born to,

But beings slaves of desires,


He would but remove your heart,

And say, NOW use your mind.

Would you exercise conscious

choice, decision and intellect?


And be wise and sensible and sweat

At your tasks, be done with it, and

When you go back home and meet GOD,

See His satisfied smile dancing,


That would have made your stay,

At this humble Earthly abode,

Worth all the pains of fulfilled duties, and

Eternally feeling God’s heart in yours.


13 Jul


The following are the 10 things I could associate with my peace . 

  1. Five years ago, I visited Satkol, a small town at base of the Himalayas. It was meant to be a spiritual journey. And no true seeker returns empty handed. Yes, I did inherit vast spiritual treasures; I also felt so at peace amidst the snow clad peaks. It was a wonderful experience to just be in the most serene and tranquillest of all places ever. I have uploaded a pic of the place here. 


    Satkhol, Himalayas

  2. When I gaze at the sleeping form of my four year old. They say the most peaceful sight is that of a baby sleeping. I think whoever said it, said it true. I can keep watching him sleep for hours and hours together and think of absolutely nothing. It’s really stand still experience.
  3. Laughing with my son while playing his most favorite game – urundi vilayathu (basically translated to roll over game). He and I just roll over each other on the bed with really no rules or scores for the game. I do not know how he came up with the game. But on weekends, we get around to playing this game at least for a dozen times for stretches of half an hour each. It’s basically senseless.
  4. Visiting my childhood home of 25 years. I grew up there. Those rooms, the backyard, the kitchen, the terrace, the compound walls, the bathrooms, the store rooms, the garden, basically even just the air around in that place share so many of my secrets, my joys, my hurt, my fears, my worries, my happiness, my pain, my pleasures, my risks, my treasures, my learning, my loving things and people, my losing things and people, my friendships, my trials, my tribulations, my successes, my failures, my LIFE. Some things in life are always cherished only fondly, can never be traded for anything, never be forgotten and just is, what it is. It can never be explained ever too. My babyhood, my childhood, adolescent life, even the most significant thing in my life till date – entry to motherhood were experienced within those walls. Perhaps, happiness is the word for the feelings I experienced there, but then I am so grateful to God for really those wonderful years of my life. Like Bryan Admas’, Summer of 69, I could also start singing, “Those were the best times in my life”…  Those rooms of my ancestral home know each and every tiny bit of me and myself. Oh well, I will put a full stop to my gushing. This topic deserves a separate post of its own. 
  5. I have this really feel good feeling every time I read the book, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. His oft quoted words – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” is so much more powerful and subtle all at the same time than most of the self help books and positive thinking books. I mean, don’t you get this “All is well” feeling when you listen to those words? And I have this immense sense of well being after reading any really good book, even the likes of Hobbit, even though it’s for a younger audience.
  6. Watching the rain from my balcony, getting my palm and feet wet, enjoying the rain with my son, sometimes getting drenched too and giggling crazily 🙂
  7. Yeah, Food. Woman and Man born need to live to be blogging everyday. So after a hearty meal of vathal kuzhambu satham, butter roasted potato curry, Thayir satham and avakai oorugai (Traditional South Indian vegetarian delicacies), one could call life peaceful and fulfilled.
  8. A way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So, the look on my DDH’s face after I serve him with the above mentioned food on a weekend afternoon is definitely a gift from the Gods. I am planning to take up cooking everyday, shortly soon and hopefully I impress him everyday.
  9. A long hot bath after a very hectic day. Nothing like just relaxing in a steamy bath with eyes closed.
  10. Awaiting DDS and/or DDH and when they arrive from wherever they went to, at the expected time and without further delay, the day is definitely blissful.
  11. I did promise only 10 points. But I just could not resist this last one. After I receive at least 10 comments to this blog and every other blog from DDH,  Ram, Yuv, the other Ram, Nar, Vij(she rarely logs her comments, the cons of being her cube mate, she just voices it and gets on), Sha, Mik, Vid, Kar and the rest of the gang 🙂
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