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Review: CouponDunia’s awesome discount coupons

1 Feb

By now, all of us shopaholics would be familiar with the concept of online shopping. Sitting in the comfort of our homes and getting our choicest luxury products at the click of a mouse is such an exciting thing. No more roaming around in the city in the sweltering heat or annoying rain. No more haggling with rickshaws or checking the meter in a taxi. No more bargaining with hawkers. Hey, wait a minute, but you cannot bargain online, or can you?

Yes, coupon codes! Welcome to the world of Coupons. So we browse here and there and some how collect coupons and try to get a discount. But how many of us really succeed? I mean, can we get a decent discount and the pleasure of having bargained a product to 50% of the prize?

No! Well, but I got something better. Have you heard of a 70% discount? Well, I know, you haven’t. Check out this awesome world of Coupons –

United Colors of Benetton products at BabyOye at 70% discount. Well, can it get better? Of course not! But wait, they have more. I got a good deal on traditional wear for young boys. Well, just check out all the BabyOye Coupons.  ( Oh, my son absolutely loved the hooded sweatshirt too.

I am an avid shopper at FirstCry. I especially love the Fashion accessories for kids and my son loves the Toys. CouponDunia offers awesome discounts for both of these. You should also not miss out the 50% discount on the warm sweaters, sweatshirts and thermal wear. Check out all the FirstCry Coupons. (

Another great deal which I got is from SnapDeal. Check out all the SnapDeal Coupons. (  Buy a watch and get 50% off on the second watch. Awesomeness!!! You also get a great deal of discounts on books too. Yes, sir, a minimum of 50%.

CouponDunia offers discounts and coupons and vouchers for at least 700 online stores. Check out all the store details in the CouponDunia Store. I am sure there is something for you too.

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The views expressed in this post are completely mine though I am a paid reviewer and content writer.


Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher … and TO ME

12 Dec

Dressed up as a 'rockstar' for the fancy dress competition

Dressed up as a ‘rockstar’ for the fancy dress competition

My latest post at World Moms Blog. It goes like this – Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher … and TO ME!!!

Well, go on, click and read it. The link is lying around everywhere.

Guest Post: By Jennifer Burden @ World Moms Blog

26 Oct

When Purnima asked me to guest post on the Alchemist’s Blog, I was thrilled.

Hello India and beyond!

World Moms Blog

World Moms Blog

Purnima and I met through World Moms Blog, where we are both a part of the editing team.  World Moms Blog writes from over 24 countries on the topics of motherhood, culture, human rights and social good. She has voluntarily carried out various roles for the blog from social media to now editing the Saturday Sidebar question, where our contributors chime in from around the globe on a topic. She also has initiated and championed internal processes, too, such as a new photo project she is working on with another contributor, Polish Mom Photographer.

The excitement of getting so many mothers from so many different corners of the world in one place has led to our advocacy for all children. Today, I’m honored to tell you about the trip I have just began. (I’m actually on the plane right now writing this!) The UN Foundation invited me to Africa as part of a delegation of Shot@Life champions from the United States. The purpose of the journey is to experience UNICEF’s Child and Family Health Days, where they are making a difference in the child mortality rate there by providing children with Vitamin A tablets to help prevent blindness, polio and measles immunizations, deworming tablets to those who need them and insecticide treated bed nets to help prevent malaria. They will also be checking children for malnutrition.
World Moms Blog’s advocacy for life-saving vaccines for the children who need them most has led to this first trip to the field.  Behind these grass-roots efforts have been amazing women, like Purnima, who have been championing for the health of children around the world.
In May, Purnima threw a private “GAVI Global Tea Party“, a grass-roots party developed at World Moms Blog to help raise global awareness for vaccines for children.  At these parties,we have brought friends and relatives into conversation about the cause with the help of GAVI films from the field. The event was filmed for a documentary, and the guests also spoke about how India was named polio free this year, a great milestone!
In the US World Moms Blog has been advocating with Shot@LIfe, the UN Foundation’s campaign for the cause. Contributors and friends of World Moms Blog have contributed over $4,000 to help vaccinate children from diseases that are a threat to them. Our advocacy has led to our editor Nicole Melancon and friend of the blog, Jodi Fendrick lobbying Congress on behalf of global vaccines.
We’ve been doing some neat things at World Moms Blog, and Purnima has been a part of it!  You can follow the Shot@Life trip to Uganda this week.  On Twitter follow hashtag #vaccineswork.  You can also check in to the Shot@Life blog.  I will also be sending pictures from the field to our social media team, who will be posting them to Facebook all this week. I hope you will join me virtually on this social good journey!
Jennifer Burden is the founder and Managing Editor of World Moms Blog, which was listed by Forbes Woman in their “Top 100 Websites for Women 2012.” She was also named a “50 Tweeters of Social Good You Have To Follow” by the Armchair Advocates.
You can follow World Moms Blog on Facebook here, on twitter here and on Pinterest here.
Follow our journey at Shot@Life here.

Good Bye AwesomeCuisine

31 Jan


I used to blog for

I used to blog for

Routine is security. Routine gives a deep sense of safety. At times, I take refuge in it. With all the cleaning up, cooking, decluttering and home making which I do, there is some sense of freedom, a strange freedom of letting my soul go free – free to understand that this is life, a freedom to find solace and contentment in the general well being of a family.

But sometimes routine kills. Monotony sets in. And you feel like fighting it. You feel like breaking free and searching for a freedom from that freedom of habit, to rupture the bonds of schedule and habit.

In the end it all has to match up. The law of averages have to catch up. You need periods of excitement, you need periods of routine (which could also be exciting, but that’s different). Ultimately you need to be able to match your actions to your current disposition.

So, right now I have taken a hiatus from writing content for Yes, writing about foods and cooking and cookery posts was eating up my heart. I need to get away from it for a while. Writing is supposed to be fun for a self proclaimed ‘good’ writer like me. But sometimes it eats you up. No, it is not writer’s block. I just need to get away from it for some time. How do I explain it? Only a writer will understand!

Maybe I will return to it. Maybe I will not. But, P (proprietor of AwesomeCuisine) has understood. And he says the position is open for me anytime I wish to write again.

Let me see where this new journey is taking me. I am not Hilal or Paulo Coelho from the Aleph. But somewhere, in this vast universe, this tiny atom (me) has its place too. And I am sure destiny is at work again like always.

So, long AwesomeCuisine. Maybe if destiny needs us to get back together again, we will. But you will be remembered and cherished as that one entity which made me feel complete and whole a year ago. But some journeys have to be taken and if I stand long in the station, the train will leave.

Good Bye for now! You will be in my thoughts.

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