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My Friend Within by Paul Romano – Book Review!

22 Oct

I recently chanced upon a book, “My friend Within” by Paul Romano. It is a very beautiful book written for children. It very subtly tells that God is in everything around us and within ourselves too.

Once when Paul, the author was drawing a meditative image during art time, his children gravitated towards it. Then they experimented placing the meditative image in various locations. And eventually the book was birthed.

What I love about the book is, it is very simple.

It is straight forward.

It is not religious.

It is universal.

It is loved by children.

And it subtly talks about God as the friend within, without actually telling so. Aren’t children smitten with their friends?

And the best thing – It is FREE until Oct 23rd to be downloaded on Kindle.

Click this link to download it for free from Amazon

If you like the book, then please leave a review on Amazon.

If you want a hard copy –

The future depends on today’s children. It depends on the healthy minds and beautiful hearts of today’s children. So, go get your free copy today! And I hope your children benefit.


Review: Alice in wonderland

20 Sep

Movie Review:  Alice in Wonderland 

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

As a young girl, I found the book, Alice in Wonderland fascinating and bizarre, a story which would totally appeal to kids feeding their imagination in a peculiar way. But when I watched the 3-D movie, this weekend with my son and family, I found it hard to stay tuned to the screen. I understand it was not meant to cater to a very young audience and had elements in it which needed to be explained to very young audience. But then, the expectation was that, it should at least be grippy and should tell a story, which it did not.  

There are numerous dragon slaying and good winning over the bad stories and movies. But the original Alice in Wonderland story is not one. The climax of slaying a Jabberwocky and the white queen winning over the hydrocephalus red queen did not lend any freshness or newness to it. The need to invoke the world-famous classic with Alice, her characters, her adventures, just to slay some hideous and repulsive creature in the end was terrible.  

The exaggeration of the Mad Hatter‘s role by Johny Depp, CG animation of the fauna and flora and other characters salvaged the movie to some extent.  

But these characters, the mime and CG animation lent just a very brittle story line to a very ametuerishly filmed movie with no specific theme.

To tell a story involving a young victorian lady, she needs to be engaged or on the verge of getting engaged, needs some thought before it, needs to run away somewhere and have interesting and funny adventures(the use of Lewis Carroll story is felt here), come back and realise after all she is better off without getting married and discover her forte, which she did by expanding trade routes to China. Oh, so predictable and mundane. My son has better imagination.  

There is nothing new to add to this story, except that the story of Alice and her wonderland characters is somehow weaved into this movie making it a little more wacky with a climax involving heroic deeds of a young woman so that somehow this will help her realise in the near future that she has other greater things to do with her life than get married to a snob.  

Watch it on DVD, if you must.  

There goes my movie review as requested by Yuv.


9 Jun


This is my personal review of the book, “The Dolphin – The story of a Dreamer” by Sergio Bambaren. The story makes you think along the lines of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, both my all time favorites. The Dolphin has joined my favorites basket too.

The Dolphin - The Story of a dreamer

The Dolphin - The Story of a dreamer


This is a very short story. The book hardly has around eighty pages in it, but is not a quick read definitely. At times, I had to go back and re read certain paragraphs and sentences because of the sheer beauty of the words and simplicity of thought which was very profound.

It is the story of a Dolphin who is pursuing his dreams but who faces certain doubts, confusions, hardships and challenges along the way. He meets both friends and enemies.

The book is very crisp and to the point in delivering the intended. It coaxes one to dream and also tries to give the courage and the drive to follow the dreams.

This is a beautiful story which gently nudges one to follow his basic instinct, be aware of the omens of the environment and listen to the heart. True wisdom is obtained by following the words of the heart. Happiness is recognized only when we understand sorrow and depression, but not getting bogged down by it and still being in track of the vision, which is possible only in believing in one’s dreams, trusting nature and one’s destiny and the faith that It cannot mislead us.

It was a wonderful read. But not to be completed in an hour because of the length of the story. The sheer simplicity of the book and story should not fool you.

It was not a special revelation, but reinforcement to me that Life is indeed is beautiful to those who have the courage to follow their dreams. Daniel shares the magic he discovers with his friends in the end of the story which is the cherry to this beautiful cake.

I dedicate this blog to one of my closest friends, Viji, and persuade her to read this book and understand the true nature of man’s existence and the purpose of birth in this world. Everyone has a destiny which is basically what he dreams about. Following it and achieving it needs not only courage, but the faith and trust in the dreams that it will not mislead you.

Viji, This is for you. Trust your heart and do what needs to be done. You only have one life with you.

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