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My fancy garden and cute gardeners

31 May

Gardening and me? Oh, they are at two ends of the spectrum. Once long ago, when I was still in primary school I used to be interested in this, but then later on as I grew, well, ahem… I should just say I grew up!

So, now in this new house, my husband, being the enthusiast he always is in trying out new things and then handing over his pet fancies to me took up gardening. Rather, he made me take up his left over gardening. And thank you sir, I was always faced with the question every evening, “Did you water the plants?” And I always used to fidget and search for excuses and diplomatic ways to say “No!”

The plants were still kind to us. So, check out this spring’s attractions at our place. It is not much, but it is too much for two souls like us who have not been generous with our love for the greener souls. But we promise like every other day, tomorrow will be a better day and our love will improve and show.

Check out the banana plant. You can see green bananas just about ripening with traces of yellow. In fact I can say that this is the only fruit/vegetable bearing plant which has not yet ditched me.

The first Allamanda bloomed in our garden. It is also called butter cups, bell-flower, trumpet flower and so many other names. I am not particularly fond of yellow colour, but hey, these flowers are in my garden, they are mine, my husband is ecstatic. So, well, I am happy, anything which makes the DDH (dear darling husband) happy.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. I wish this tree dude grows up soon so that I can decorate him by December with bells and trinkets. It’s been a year, but this dude loves his height apparently.

My mother loves Jasmine. I love jasmine tea. My friends gave me Sri Lanka Jasmine tea. I absolutely loved the flavour. But the DDH dude and I refuse to pluck flowers from our garden. Heck, we refuse to harm any parts of these green souls. So, the jasmine stays in the plant and perfumes the gardenJ. And oh, by the way, you would also know by now, that this dudette is a zilch in photography.

My Spinach bed! I hate to eat them. The DDH dude loves to eat them. I always come up with excuses for not making spinach dishes and he comes up with excuses for spinach dishes. Oh, but these are lovely to look at. Check out the recently watered Spinach bed.

Save the best for the last, goes a famous song… So, now, do you want to know, who watered these darling green souls? My gardeners come very cheap. They only need snacks, juices, shakes, cuddles, hugs and lots and lots of love. No, they are taken. You cannot hire them J 😉

[**Left: My son ** Right: His best friend**]

They both claimed in a sheer moment of joy that they would like to grow up and be farmers. Huh? Excuse me? Really, would you like that, I asked. They said that since they love watering plants, they might as well do it when they grow up. Kid’s joy and enthusiasm is just so contagious.

I am gearing up for more plants, pictures, enthusiasm in the coming seasons and hopefully lesser excuses to the DDH dude. The husband hopefully appreciates it.


The Pursuit of Perfection

7 Mar

I am not yet perfect; But I am the best!!!

I am not yet perfect; But I am the best!!!

Well, I just had a dream. I was running on a strip of rainbow. I was trying hard to run on the Green strip, because that is the middle of a rainbow, the ‘perfect’ middle. I wonder why the dream was precise about the middle of the rainbow strip. I was trying so hard to run on exactly the green colour, because my coach was very particular about it. He was trying to get me to win. But I was not interested. I was only scared to not step out of the Green colour because he was a perfectionist. In the end I was not even sure if I won the race or not or if there were other participants or not. I only remembered that I tried not to step out of the Green colour ever. But I was not even sure if I achieved it or not. Strange, I thought later. But not so much either.

So, where does it leave this post with the pursuit of perfection? What did I achieve? Was my coach happy? Does it matter if I was on the Green strip or the red? Does it matter if I won? But my coach was happy. Does that matter at all to me? Or even to him?

I remember my mother’s perfection in folding clothes. It does not need to be ironed at all after she folds them. I remember that none of our school uniforms were ever ironed. Perfection! The certifying authority was the necessity of the clothes to be ironed.

Is perfection achievable? Is it definable? It is explainable? What about excellence? Perhaps excellence is worth pursuing. But then again, who certifies excellence as excellence? The mind caters to all this mumbo-jumbo. Does a happy heart run behind perfection? Are happy people perfect? Happy people are content. Are content people perfect? This is a paradox and hardly a question. I think life has various meanings for various people. And two people with two different minds have different yardsticks about perfection.

Was Buddha perfect? Leaving his family behind to pursue spirituality can hardly be called wise. But can Buddha be blamed? He was definitely an imperfect father and imperfect husband. What standards would we use to judge if he was a perfect man? Attaining nirvana under a bodhi tree leads to perfection? What about Lord Krishna with 16,000 wives and stealing butter everyday? Was he moral? Ethical? Were the greatest scientists of humanity perfect? Did they get perfect results the first time they experimented? Albert Einstein was sent away from school by his teacher because he was not good in mathematics.

Perfection in homemaking chores, perfection in parenting, perfection in dancing, singing, movie making, perfection in grades, perfection in relationship (now this is something worth thinkable for which there is not answer), oh well, the pursuit of perfection for everything in this universe is worth pursuing when the certifying authority understands you, understands your efforts. I think results should be judged by the efforts than standards and measures and rules. Oh, but the rules of the games are made by perfectionists, aren’t they!!! Fruits of your efforts are tasted by only you and the sweetness known only to you. But the world rants on!!!

I wonder what made George Will, the Pulitzer Prize winner say, “The pursuit of perfection impedes improvement”. But I strongly agree.

DeCluttering, A 5 y.o, Visitors and oh, ME!

3 Nov


It all started with visitors. I am not much of a decluettring person, or a great home maker when it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy. Oh, yes, it is clean and does not have much of a dust, I should say. But everything in its own place? Oh, that’s just not me, sorry!

So, it happened, last week! Visitors were expected and it was Diwali and guess what?

Good Housekeeping periodical...

Good Housekeeping periodical...


The shelves were dusted, the attics were vacuumed, the windows, panes, and doors, door frame polished, furniture arranged and rearranged, the book shelves decluttered, the kitchen cleaned, scrubbed and tidied, and the never-ending possibilities in creating a ‘good housekeeping magazine’s poster page’ discovered. I managed all this with the toddler at my heals. I cajoled him into helping me, sometimes yelled at him to leave the room because of the dust, at times, just accepted the fact that his presence is part of my life!

The home became a museum, a temple and everyone was shocked.

The husband was amazed.

My parents were proud.

The toddler was tip toeing.  

And I was smug! And I was exhausted! And I was happy!

The house felt beautiful. I bet if it had life, it would have admired itself umpteen times in the mirror.

DeCluttering is very therapeutic. It is wonderful. It is a serene feeling to inspect the beautiful product of your effort.

And now, one week later, the house is back a home. Yes, right, it is back to being my home, DDS’S home, DDH’s home. A place where we feel at ease, where we relax, where we find solace within ourself, amidst the things strewn around, and well just our home.

The story had to have a climax, right? So, flight back to reality and loosen up.

Its “life”, after all! And home is where its heart is 🙂


Let me BE.

2 Nov


Be Led



Let me be led from laziness to purposefulness.

Let me be led from being idle to a being of use.

Let me be led from anger and hatred to being detached.

Let me be led from nonchalance to compassion.


Let me share and spread the Love.

Let my life be what it ought to be.

Let me just Be what I have to Be!


Layman’s perspective of the 7 billionth

1 Nov

Other Worlds (NASA, Sailing With NASA, 10/24/09)

Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

When I heard Nargis of India was born, and Danica of Philippines was born and Alexander of Russia was born, I felt strange. Oh, 7 billion? Well, ok! 

I felt strange, because it had nothing to do with the overwhelming opinions regarding the huge population of the world. It had nothing to do with the adequacy of resources. It was about the attitude of all the 7 billion.

Heck, Earth was over staffed when it reached the 1 billion mark, I would say. Oh, do you remember this long forgotten statistic of the 1 billionth baby? This will happen with the 7 billionth too.

Who knew, we loved to procreate? My husband says, early earthlings had no other way to pass time. I neither agree nor disagree and vehemently state that is not the object of this post. I just want to voice my tiny little opinion that, this is not the end of the world, err… earth, literally.

Ever read the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov? Asimov created robots in his stories to be helpers of the humans, and then goes on to colonize other worlds –Trantor, Terminus, Solaris, Aurora, the list is endless. If you have happened to read those amazing series, you would feel strangely awesomely delightful about the possibilities. I think now is the time for our very dear NASAites to think about this. No, I am not giving orders, but subtle suggestions like the second foundationersfrom Asimov’s book. Lol!  

Spread love, like the evangelists preach, like the philosophers ruminate, like the spiritualists will, like everyday people (you and me) wish. Stop war abruptly. Eradicate anger, hatred, racism and intolerance, like you press the “Shift+Del” key of your computer. Compassion and Understanding are two huge tasks. This possibility sounds even more difficult than colonizing worlds, huh?! I know, it’s the same for me too. But ah, well, definitely worth a try what do you think? If you have to see those billion faces again and again and again for at least 70 odd years (assuming mother earth decides not to get rid of her burden sooner 😉 lol ), then at least learn to tolerate them. Perhaps, eventually, we can understand the billions and learn to ‘pretend’ to love. See, I am again being realistic by only requesting us to pretend (for starters, at least :p ).

Oh, there is another prospect too. Keep cribbing about earth’s burden, ecology, global warming, population per square mile (or whatever else the math works out to), inadequacy of resources, possibilities of future penury, starvation, wastage of food, other statistics, incomprehensible ratios and such. I leave it to the statisticians, economists, mathematicians, planners, and whoever else is responsible of these things. And with all that, welcome the endless blogs, endless newspaper articles, endless debates and discussions on the media. And everyone’s tiny and shrieky voices about population EXPLOSION and all the ‘earthly’ mumbo jumbo. Scary, huh?!!

But, we are all here to stay, all 7 billion of us, unless we resort to civilized, planned man slaughter. And well, I don’t foresee that weird situation. So, let us work towards making a better world for today and tomorrow and evolve into better people. The rest of the statistics, scares, and environmental/ecological trivia will either fall into place or all of us collectively, lovingly, egregorically will out an idea.

And possibly (*wink wink*) discover many many worlds outside of our stellar systems.

Love the Asimov guy! The possibilities never end!

Photo Credit to This photo has a creative commons license to it.

This summer we go swimming…

2 May

INDIA: Entertaining Kids During Summer Holidays.

Well, go ahead click the above link and read what DDS is doing this summer. That is my next post for WorldMomsBlog.
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Needs and wants

17 Feb


I need a hair cut. I want a stylish hair makeover.

I need some new water paints. I want to enroll in a modern abstract painting glass.

I need to telephone and catch up with all my friends. I want to network and Facebook.

I need sleep. I want an uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours, uninterrupted by my son or husband.

I need some pocket-money. I want a swiss bank account and a few millions in it.

I need to cook. I want a cook.

I need to vacuum the lunch crumbs from the carpet. I want a housekeeper and butler.

I need to work on my novel. I want to become the world’s most famous novelist just by thinking about it.

I need a break. I want to go to Switzerland for a vacation.

All my needs are just an effort away. Isn’t life awesome? 🙂

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