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Guest Post: Poem – The destiny of man

3 Sep

For a change, we have a refreshing poem from Purushotham. This is very contemplative.



The wandering mind goes hither and thither

Time may fly and seasons may whither

What keeps you going all along it asks

where paths are less trodden and hope may pass

The thought echoes in the caverns of the mind

Answer says the ego and its kind

A faint rumble may be felt

Akin the trickle of water along a cleft

What keeps you going again I ask

Where pain and pleasure hold its sway

Come and answer if you may

Lo behold, says the mind,

It is but silence that I find

The heart is cold and the soul is sore

And then a giant stands tall and proud

Pristine but lonely in the crowd

I am the human spirit it says

I rise and come when the hearts may sway

All along men have turned to me

When courage is lost and hope has left thee

All that glitters is not gold

The mind you know has to be told

Actions speak louder than mere words

But even thoughts can cut ere a sword

Set your heart and you shall achieve

For this world flatters to deceive

Not all that wander must be lost

This I realized at a cost

Life reflects a larger dream

Not just to wander, shout and scream

Look within and you realize

In the silence lies the ultimate prize

Lonely in a crowd must he stand

Such is the destiny of a man


Purushotham is studying to be a pediatrician in one of the ledaing med-schools in Bangalore, India. Though a physician by profession, this has only fuelled his artistic and creative flairs.

Do you write poems too? Share your glimpses about life with us.

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The Homecoming

20 Apr

The Homecoming

The homecoming

The homecoming

And one day, I stilled this, the mind.

She had kept chattering all day long.

Suddenly, the heart said – stop. It did.

And the music and dance stopped.


But the stars twinkled mischievously

And the moon searched for my song.

The skies knew of the elusive illusions.

And I was still for the universe to fill me.


The wind carried my perfume everywhere.

The stars and moon and sun were happy.

They treasured my song’s seed.

and drank of my dancing cup too.


I did not crave for these delusions of mirth.

How do I tell them of my need?

When infinity and bliss waits for you,

do you need trivialities of frolic and regret?


And I was languishing in my own wait,

for the worlds were waiting for something too.

And I suddenly realised, and gave it up all.

I couldn’t withhold my treasures.


For the universe comes to those,

who trust her with all their faith and love,

and surrender everything else, she has already offered.

For, to the giver, comes the homecoming, the original abode.


Let me BE.

2 Nov


Be Led



Let me be led from laziness to purposefulness.

Let me be led from being idle to a being of use.

Let me be led from anger and hatred to being detached.

Let me be led from nonchalance to compassion.


Let me share and spread the Love.

Let my life be what it ought to be.

Let me just Be what I have to Be!



28 Jul



Munnar Lake

Munnar Lake


A love song, long-buried in my heart,

manifesting today, celebrated today,

The magic of missing and meeting,

the beloved tomorrow, day after or now,

little realizing you are the song itself.


Memories, whistles, glances, smiles,

Like a sweet dream, they play along,

Again and again with the same saccharine ness.

The setting sun and the rippling lake,

could never parallel your beautiful aura.


Waiting for you, waiting for you,

little realizing that you are the wait itself.

Will tomorrow come, When will it?

Singing with an empty heart, an empty note,

The love song once sung deeply buried.


It is now or never, to find you there,

Where you always are and waiting for me,

To revel in the best days of my life,

Indeed the best is here and now,

To find you where you always are…


Oh, I am waiting, yes, I am…

Not knowing you are here with me,

That beautiful future I envision,

Cradled in a bright cocoon in your spirit.

But oh, here you are, when did you come?


Heart and Mind

24 Apr

Strange are men’s thoughts,

Strange is God’s guidance,

He gave a mind and,

He gave you a heart.


You do your will, you do your wishes,

And blame it on your heart’s say.

Did you forget he gave you a mind,

And sanely intelligence to think?


If He was here and saw you rot,

Becoming weak in your will,

Not doing what you are born to,

But beings slaves of desires,


He would but remove your heart,

And say, NOW use your mind.

Would you exercise conscious

choice, decision and intellect?


And be wise and sensible and sweat

At your tasks, be done with it, and

When you go back home and meet GOD,

See His satisfied smile dancing,


That would have made your stay,

At this humble Earthly abode,

Worth all the pains of fulfilled duties, and

Eternally feeling God’s heart in yours.

Serene memories

23 Apr

I write this, but with a sigh,

When in deep contemplation,

And during my serenest times,

Why do I always remember,

My responsibilities, my goals?


Arent those moods the ones,

I should enjoy, experience,

With a strong memory of the joy.

Yet, during my bliss,

Nature taps to awaken me.


To go back to my work,

To lift the axe again,

To stop being lazy,

And blame it on my heart.


I tear myself away from it, my tranquility,

And think if it was worth all the effort?

I love to dream, love to be at peace,

Love my serenity and my memory.


But nature has other plans,

She knocks me often,

And wants me to work,

Go back to my duties.


Ah, just one more moment,

But just one more sight,

And for eternity I will be content.

And labor with that one memory.

In rarity, beauty lies.

1 Nov

I do not blog as often as I would want to. I do not even blog as often as ideas hit me. I just blog when time permits and I am in the mood. So, it just so happens that my posts can be categorized as rare. But are they beautiful? Well, I would love to think they are 🙂 though I am not vain and very modest. lol.

Well, seriously!

Kurinji Flower

Kurunji flower blooms once in 12 years

Last week my aunt quoted a Saint’s words, “In rarity, beauty lies.” And most rare things are beautiful, don’t you think so? That got me thinking. Like, the Kurunji flower, which blooms once in twelve years. It is such a beauty that not merely words; only poetry will do justice to it. And then there are diamonds, precious stones, platinum and gold which are all rare and expensive and beautiful, and lend more beauty to beautiful women. Nature, in her non-raped, untouched form is beautiful and nowadays, very rare. Like for instance, late evening sunlight seeping through the leaves lazily, moonlight reflected on a very still lake, first editions of a favorite book – yellowed pages and moth ball smelled, the list could keep on building. Rare and beautiful things are not restricted to highly expensive and remunerative things alone. Beautiful things are more happiness spreading and peace giving.

Lovers uniting after a long hiatus give them an amazing feeling. It is that rare, precious, beautiful instant they yearn for all their lives. So, such is the feeling of beauty. Beauty not only lies in the beholder’s eyes, it lies in the rarity of good things. Perhaps, we may not appreciate the beauty of these wonderful things if it were less rare.

Whenever I experience a beautiful moment, a torrent of thoughts fills my heart and below is the product 🙂




Groovy dull blue unpolished diamond,

Huge and strewn amidst stones in thousand,

Awaiting shine and sparkle in bounty,

The resplendent evolving to reveal its beauty.


Books smelling of moth balls and yellowed pages,

Leather volumes but ending in crinkled edges,

Wisdom, knowledge emanating from the sheets,

Which only the true seekers’ hearts meets.


Blossoms famed for once in a lifetime,

Uncaring about winter or springtime.

Kurunji – yielding in twelve years,

Ravishing the beloved to tears.


Some lovers destined to meet only once,

Carrying throughout life that one fragrance,

That rare instant which holds the beauty,

Of a serene life lived richly and sweetly.


The rare instance from the page of an eon,

Eternal in thought, but physically bygone,

Showing cosmos the exquisiteness of rarity,

But for Nothingness it’s always an eternity.


I wish such rare moments cease to be rare and keep showing its facets more often. Would it not be wonderful if the truly beautiful moments get recorded more often in history? Or perhaps, I could pause time and experience eternity in all its magnificence.

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