Review: CouponDunia’s awesome discount coupons

1 Feb

By now, all of us shopaholics would be familiar with the concept of online shopping. Sitting in the comfort of our homes and getting our choicest luxury products at the click of a mouse is such an exciting thing. No more roaming around in the city in the sweltering heat or annoying rain. No more haggling with rickshaws or checking the meter in a taxi. No more bargaining with hawkers. Hey, wait a minute, but you cannot bargain online, or can you?

Yes, coupon codes! Welcome to the world of Coupons. So we browse here and there and some how collect coupons and try to get a discount. But how many of us really succeed? I mean, can we get a decent discount and the pleasure of having bargained a product to 50% of the prize?

No! Well, but I got something better. Have you heard of a 70% discount? Well, I know, you haven’t. Check out this awesome world of Coupons –

United Colors of Benetton products at BabyOye at 70% discount. Well, can it get better? Of course not! But wait, they have more. I got a good deal on traditional wear for young boys. Well, just check out all the BabyOye Coupons.  ( Oh, my son absolutely loved the hooded sweatshirt too.

I am an avid shopper at FirstCry. I especially love the Fashion accessories for kids and my son loves the Toys. CouponDunia offers awesome discounts for both of these. You should also not miss out the 50% discount on the warm sweaters, sweatshirts and thermal wear. Check out all the FirstCry Coupons. (

Another great deal which I got is from SnapDeal. Check out all the SnapDeal Coupons. (  Buy a watch and get 50% off on the second watch. Awesomeness!!! You also get a great deal of discounts on books too. Yes, sir, a minimum of 50%.

CouponDunia offers discounts and coupons and vouchers for at least 700 online stores. Check out all the store details in the CouponDunia Store. I am sure there is something for you too.

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The views expressed in this post are completely mine though I am a paid reviewer and content writer.


One Response to “Review: CouponDunia’s awesome discount coupons”

  1. Maha February 1, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    I do not understand the logic behind such coupons, If it can be redeemed by anyone, why not just reduce the price right-away on the site, why should someone have to “know” about those coupons to get the discount?

    Meanwhile, I am a regular online shopper and have been largely benefited (i too have got that hooded jacket, same pinch 🙂 ) and so welcome this trend, have started trying out monthly groceries also, checkout bigbasket and toptomato…

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