What’s in a name? Mine is Purnima.

18 Jun

Full Moon

The full moon – my name sake

Yes, what’s in a name? So, why all the secrecy and hush-hush while blogging? I call myself “The Alchemist.” It is almost a pen-name, err… blog-name. Am I worried about stalkers? I would like to think so that this blog has such a huge fan-following, but almost all my fans are either my schoolmates or college mates or babyfit friends or World Moms Blog friends, The Underground friends, Indian BF team, my ex-colleagues and well people from other online forums and from my own little real world. So, well, what the heck, you might ask.

Am I shy? No! I am not. I am not that extrovert you might know. Neither am I the shy introvert who hides behind drapes during parties. I am just ‘me’ though the ‘me’ is bound to change every few days being the scatter brain I am.

So, well, why the mystery? Maybe I would like to let you all think of me as an enigma? Ha! Oh, how I wish! But other than my name, you guys know so much about me that I am far from the enigma I would like to be! Blame it on the woman’s inherent nature of yakety yak (proof: This Blog)! So, well, maybe some trepidation (of what? I don’t know…) some hesitation (again, of what? I am not really sure though) and maybe some shyness (There, at last, that same word!).

So well, anyway, now I decided that I want to go global my name, ‘Purnima.’ Clap clap clap… (**please now some music and drums too**). It is actually a beautiful name and I love it. In Sanskrit it means the full moon. It also means “The complete woman.” I am proud to think I am both. Yes, the birth of my son 6 years ago, completed me, But the journey is still on. There is so much I have to do and accomplish in this parental voyage. Yet, I am a complete woman, well almost.

And the full moon! Oh, yes – the most beautiful, mystic, enigmatic object of the earthly skies. What other can it be other than the full moon? Which parent would not like to think their daughter to be as complete and beautiful as the full moon? Yes, my doting parents thought enough of me to name me after her. We, Indians like to think the moon is feminine. Beautiful, charming, attractive, bright and radiant – yes, definitely a lady! No doubt about it.

Buddhanath celebrations on Buddha Purnima in Nepal

Buddhanath celebrations on Buddha Purnima in Nepal

So, well, coming back to this point of me being named after the full moon, would you want to want to know why? Oh, the choice is not yours. Having read so much of this blog post, you are forced to read more of it. The reason is so simple. I was born on a full moon day. And not just any full moon. It was Buddha Purnima, the full moon night of Lord Buddha‘s birth anniversary. Yes, Lord Buddha and I share the same birthday. The already declared charming, Enigmatic, beautiful, bright, radiant, now also became spiritual and peaceful. Don’t you think so that the object of the heavenly skies can be comparable to the person typing away this post? Oh, do you hear my husband snickering? Yes, definitely, that horrible sound can be my husband’s only! Anyway, the truth remains the truth. I am all of that and more. And a writer too. (**Yes, more snickering!!!**) He thinks ‘writing’ is my pathetic excuse to shun my home-making duties and the cooking debacle. Well, let him think what he wills. And in any case, all sons love their mama’s cooking like my son. 😉

By the way, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and few other Buddhist countries have declared a public holiday on Buddha Purnima (ahem… my birthday). Public Holiday!!! What???? Yes, Public Holiday!!!! I am honored to be in the same league (**Drum rolls please!!! Thank you 😉 **)

The point is, I have gone public with my name, Purnima. I almost typed, “The Purnima”. Ha ha, perhaps one day, I will be known with a “The.”

The Alchemist is now Purnima. But this blog remains “The Alchemist’s Blog,” because people whom I know, whom I do not, whom I have met, whom I have not, all know this micro miniscule part of the virtual world as “The Alchemist’s Blog”.

Enjoy the day – today, Buddha Purnima and the rest too!


5 Responses to “What’s in a name? Mine is Purnima.”

  1. praveen100 Kumar June 18, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    So there is afterall a real human being behind the Alchemist 😉

  2. Praveen Kumar June 18, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Good to know a real person exists behind The Alchemist :). And congrats for stepping out of the shadows!

    • Purnima July 26, 2012 at 9:54 am #

      Ha ha… sure there is one 🙂

  3. Seashell June 18, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Loved this post Purnima! It made me smile thinking of your birthday being a Public Holiday!!!!

    • Purnima July 26, 2012 at 9:53 am #

      Ha ha… Interesting, isn’t it 😉 ??

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