Vaccination and me – Yay!! India is polio-free

24 Mar

Child receiving polio vaccine.

Child receiving polio vaccine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 India was once the epicenter of Polio. Polio was carried on from India to even many African nations. In 1985 there were 150,000 polio cases and in 2010 it was at a historic low of 42. But today, as of 2012, India has been declared Polio free with not a single case of Polio having been registered in any of the Health centers. It really is a major task in a nation like India, which boasts of not only the nation with one of highest GDP ratio, but also of the second largest slum in Asia, which is a hotbed of so many known and unknown diseases. 

Immunization, commonly referred to as vaccination is a great wealth we can give our children as parents. Give them good physical health and mental health and they have the capacity to access the greatest wealth in the world. 

When I was asked a year ago by Jennifer Burden of the World Moms Blog if I would be interested in vaccination advocacy as part of Social Good, I said, ‘Why not?’ But ‘how,’ I thought. So, here I am writing about it as one of the first steps. Advocacy is easy. I firmly believe in protecting my son against certain killer diseases. More than a year ago he contacted Dengue fever and little did I know Dengue is life threatening until a fellow blogger’s daughter succumbed to it. It was shocking! I have no words to describe my feelings.

So, for those killer diseases for which there are vaccines protect your child. Give him a future where he is strong, has the capability to fight diseases. Give him that investment where his health is ensured. Vaccination advocacy is easy. The only requirement is your passion, your power to move people.

At GAVI, I was awed to see so many people so enthusiastic about this cause. The success rate in developing nations was stupendous. Check out the new vaccines they have rolled out in many African nations. I am so honored to be part of this passionate cause of securing the future health of a child.

Organizations like GAVI and Shot@Life rock! I urge more people like us with the power to write, with the power to influence people both with their presence in the virtual world/media (Social networking and blogs) and also through their field work to be part of such movements.

Who would have thought one day India would be Polio free? That is the only boost any Indian ever needs to start his pro vaccination campaign.

What are you waiting for? Voice your views

P.S: Ok, my next step in this would be to film a movie with the help of Jennifer Burden, Founder, Chief Editor, World Moms Blog, advocating vaccination . Yay!! Watch this space for more updates on that. If you want to be part of the movie in any way, drop us a note through the Contacts Page.

My passion won’t rest for now!!



7 Responses to “Vaccination and me – Yay!! India is polio-free”

  1. Jennifer Burden March 24, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Purnima, it is so powerful to hear of your vaccination advocacy from India, where the country was just recently declared Polio-free!

    The World Moms Blog advocacy for life-saving vaccinations for children who need them most is gathering steam! It is great that we can put our global network behind such a worth-while movement to help international children.

    I look forward to working on the documentary with you and your friends in India!

    Jen 🙂

    • The Alchemist March 26, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

      Jen, Its an honour to be part of this advocacy where so many needy children get benefitted. It is a great priviledge to be part of doing social good through World Moms Blog here in my country, India.
      Thanks for your kind comment.

  2. Tatter Scoops March 26, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    YAY for India! This is such an exciting project with GAVI. Best of luck and I hope we would all be able to see the movies somehow.

    • The Alchemist March 26, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

      Maureen, Thanks. My fingers are crossed! Hopefully I pull out this movie stunt 🙂

  3. MadPsychMum April 27, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Wow that’s great to know! All the best for your movie! =)


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