Good Bye AwesomeCuisine

31 Jan


I used to blog for

I used to blog for

Routine is security. Routine gives a deep sense of safety. At times, I take refuge in it. With all the cleaning up, cooking, decluttering and home making which I do, there is some sense of freedom, a strange freedom of letting my soul go free – free to understand that this is life, a freedom to find solace and contentment in the general well being of a family.

But sometimes routine kills. Monotony sets in. And you feel like fighting it. You feel like breaking free and searching for a freedom from that freedom of habit, to rupture the bonds of schedule and habit.

In the end it all has to match up. The law of averages have to catch up. You need periods of excitement, you need periods of routine (which could also be exciting, but that’s different). Ultimately you need to be able to match your actions to your current disposition.

So, right now I have taken a hiatus from writing content for Yes, writing about foods and cooking and cookery posts was eating up my heart. I need to get away from it for a while. Writing is supposed to be fun for a self proclaimed ‘good’ writer like me. But sometimes it eats you up. No, it is not writer’s block. I just need to get away from it for some time. How do I explain it? Only a writer will understand!

Maybe I will return to it. Maybe I will not. But, P (proprietor of AwesomeCuisine) has understood. And he says the position is open for me anytime I wish to write again.

Let me see where this new journey is taking me. I am not Hilal or Paulo Coelho from the Aleph. But somewhere, in this vast universe, this tiny atom (me) has its place too. And I am sure destiny is at work again like always.

So, long AwesomeCuisine. Maybe if destiny needs us to get back together again, we will. But you will be remembered and cherished as that one entity which made me feel complete and whole a year ago. But some journeys have to be taken and if I stand long in the station, the train will leave.

Good Bye for now! You will be in my thoughts.


2 Responses to “Good Bye AwesomeCuisine”

  1. Seashell February 2, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    My wish is for your new journey to take you to beautiful places.

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