I dont blog, I write.

29 Jan

I dont blog, I write ;)

I dont blog, I write 😉

You know, there are so many different reasons for a person to write out stuff in a personal page and make it public. I also have many, reasons that is. Its almost similar and almost different from just about my fellow blogger’s page in the neighboring server.

So, here I go…

My Diary – I like to think of it as, a personal diary at times, and those posts go into password protect, otherwise it gets published to the world. I like to record those things in my daily life which touch me deeply, life like things I wrote here and here and here. Oh, otherwise, I live a very boring existence out here in mumble-land.

My fantasies – Like the other day I posted about Krishna being here and alive in the 21st century. I also posted a few other things which have been under password protect, and I am contemplating tweaking it slightly and posting it publicly, well, shortly.. 🙂 You know, I am just trying to build up the suspense in this paragraph 😉  lol 

Fame and Name and Vain – Oh yes, just like the next door guy, I like fame and name(we will come to the vain part in a while). But who is not? I just try to let it not get to the top of my head. When I receive a lot of comments, I become happy and reply to them all painstakingly. Sometimes I write back to the people who comment thanking them and requesting them to visit again. So, being famous is not that bad, I try to be a famous nice person. And coming to the last part, vain – defined as exaggerated sense of self importance by the word web ;). So, whether I am important today or not, I strive to be worthy of the pride I aspire to touch 😉 lol… I think I muddled that up. Anyways…

Meeting people – I meet people I would not meet otherwise. I am not going to spend money (in this economy) and travel half the world to meet an Illustrator in the USA. I love reading what she does and draw inspiration from her. I have also met amazing people from so many places. I am not a compulsive traveler, so I wouldn’t dream of meeting all these people by really traveling. … … … … Ok, you want the truth, I was not born with any spoons made of precious metal in my mouth, hence I make out my daily living from the monthly salary… err DDH’s salary. So, uh travelling? Well, maybe to the beach, since I live in coastal India… lol..! 😛

Good friends – I am still a very positive person who thinks this world is filled with a lot of nice people and lot of positive people like me. The other day I met one of my very good friends in person for the first time and I wrote about it here. She is one amazing woman. We became great friends over the internet and then decided to meet. This avenue opens up possibility of rich friendships. I know, I owe you a call. Coming up shortly.

Promote that I am a writer – What good way to promote myself to be a writer than to write itself? All my posts are inspired by my love to write and I am planning and dreaming on becoming a novelist and publicizing it here. So, there, I said it again 😉

Be passionate – I am passionate about certain things and people. So, when they affect me in different ways, maybe happily or with sorrow or which should make me vent, I blog, not necessarily about them. I write about just something or the same thing or about beautiful things in Timbuctoo. Writing is a very wonderful stress buster as well as a pleasure buster for me.

So, I write, because I like to write and the geeks nowadays call it blog. lol .


9 Responses to “I dont blog, I write.”

  1. Seashell January 29, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    This posts captures many of the reasons I write also. I am not a big traveller either, but I would love to be! Too expensive. But India would be such a great place to visit. IF I ever get rich, I’ll come visit. I think it’s wonderful that you got to meet one of your friends person to person!

    • The Alchemist January 29, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

      Seashell, Yes, India is a great place. And I am sure your place by the seaside is amazing too looking at the pics you post. Travelling is just fun if you have the money, time and energy.
      Hey, IF you come visiting to India, drop me a note, I will change sheets in the spare bedroom 🙂

  2. Pam Parker January 29, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    Yesterday a friend of mine asked me what a blog was – she really didn’t know! Of course, I blogged about it at http://pamparker.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/blog-wheres-the-bloody-long-original-groovy-acronym/ Haven’t come up w/a good acronym for BLOG — any ideas?
    Also, browsing your posts, I saw the one about keeping your given name – I did. No regrets.

    • The Alchemist January 29, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

      Your acronyms for BLOG were really good 🙂 I will pitch in if I can come up with acronyms which are half as good as yours.
      And yes, about keeping the maiden name – I wrote it when I was in… ehh… uhh… not a very wonderful mood which was caused by ‘minor’ discussions (read it as arguments about some other things, not at all about a name) with DDH 😉 … lol…

  3. Shalini February 4, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Nice one to see…these days I hardly get to chit chat / gossip. This is a nice new forum for that
    Visit my new article in: http://littleangelspeaks.blogspot.com/

    • The Alchemist February 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

      Yes, join us if you are interested 🙂


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