Rain, always you rain…!!!

2 Aug

Couples have always romanced rain in rain. They have worshipped it, adored it and enjoyed it. Bollywood has made no secret of its tryst with rain since the Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua (Shree 420 – 1955) sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey till Hum Tum (Hum Tum – 2004) sung by Babul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik. So, lovers are expected to enjoy and idolize rain because of the sheer blossoming of love in rain. And I enjoy rain too under normal circumstances like I have mentioned in some earlier post.


Rain, rain, come again

But thursday was, I should say a very interesting day. DDH and I had to visit someone in the evening and I asked for permission to be out of office for one hour and thought I would return to office and resume my tasks. But nature had other plans for me. So, DDH came on his two wheeler (you should be wondering why I should mention what he came on; does it matter? Yes, it does!!!) and picked me up from my work place and we visited that someone we wanted to. He had been driving the four wheeler since morning for about ten hours and needed a break from it. So, that explains the two wheeler and well, something else happened too.

So, then when we were done visiting them and decided to come back, it started. Mother nature decided to reveal her hidden plans for me. We were stranded there. It started raining heavily all of a sudden. No warning, no slight drizzle, not even dark stormy clouds and no hidden intuitions or extra sensory perceptions from either of us, that it was going to rain. So we were stranded near the porch of a house which had no inhabitants in it and we were just ogling at the skies waiting for Ms.Rain to decide to stop. We hoped she would finish her romance with the grounds soon. So, when at last she seemed to relent, DDH got a call from a hospital for an emergency. What timing!!! So, we decided to go visit the patient, and go home from there. It was already 7 PM.

And on the way to the hospital, we had not even traveled one-thirds of the distance, Ms. Rain decided that she wanted to resume her tryst again with us, denizens of the urban evening road traffic. So, we were forced to take refuge again, this time on the porch outside a building selling “Chettinad Cement”.

Did I mention I dint have an umbrella or cap or rain coat or anything else and had got drenched all the way to the roots of my hair? DDH asked, “Didn’t you know it was going to rain earlier?” I retorted, “I am not weather channel”. He likes Julianne Moore. And I do not. I like Pierce Brosnan and he does not. And in the movie “laws of attraction”, Pierce called Julianne, weather channel many times because of her constant weather announcements, yet always receiving the unexpected from the weather. Anyways, I can’t really take credit for that nice rejoinder. Due given to the script writer of “laws of attraction”. So, well, again after half an hour of enjoying getting drenched, worrying what his patients would think if he steps into their rooms looking like a wet puppy and we gave up on thinking more and decided to rather enjoy the liquid manna from heaven.

She dint seem to stop. She continuously kept expressing her love for rendezvousing with us, mortals. So, we decide that we would compromise on looking like wet puppies and go visit the patients whose condition was termed as “emergency” by now.

And it was already 9 PM when we entered the hospital. I do not know where the four hours had gone. Meeting up with the people we were supposed to, getting drenched in rain, seeking asylum, getting drenched again, surely it could not have taken four hours just for this. But it had. So, now at 9 PM, DDH walked away to the ICU, indeed looking like the wet puppy which we dint want to look like, after enquiring for towels to the receptionist which she said were not available.

So, while I was waiting, the receptionist invited me to the TV room, lest I get bored waiting for DDH. No, thank you, I will wait alone for DDH. Solitude is a multiple times better than watching a fight scene between some evil telugu villain and next to God hero who can avert thousand bullets from a single pistol. Well, don’t pistols have six bullets? Oh well, anyways, I was confused and sleepy and decided to enjoy my own company and thoughts.

I opened my eyes after I don’t know how many minutes of my power nap to see DDH walking towards me. And we rode back home, again in the rain. We reached home at 10 PM. Five hours had elapsed and it was a memorable journey like always. On the way back home, DDH said, “Don’t they say rain is romantic and interesting for couples”. Yes, indeed it was a very interesting experience, but far from being romantic. I do enjoy the rain, but I don’t understand how it could be romantic.

Anyways, welcome rain, again and again. I love getting drenched without having to worry about getting emergency phone calls from sick patients (if DDH is with me). I like the feeling of getting cleansed without having to be concerned about catching a cold or fever which I never do anyways.

For me, rain is thoroughly enjoyable if it is in my own backyard, on my own terrace, with no worries of reaching home on a road filled with potholes which are filled with rain water in case of rains and you cannot really judge how deep it is. And when you are riding a bike and unable to circumnavigate the potholes and bravely ride through it, I would not want to worry about the water splashing on either side of an expensive salwar suit. And on slicky roads, I would not want to worry about reaching home without skidding. Whoever called it romantic in such cases?!

But definitely, like I said when you are at home at your own backyard, enjoying the rain is the best way to worship rain and even nature.

Yes, like Nari said it definitely is God’s favorite rhyme.

Rain, always you rain 🙂

I would like to close this blog with a kollywood song, from the tamil movie En Swasa Kaatre which has always been my all time favorite. You can watch it here.

Lyrics below. Non tamil speaking netizens, please forgive me… I would not want to translate it and spoil the beauty.

oru thuli vizhudhu oru thuli vizhudhu
oru thuli vizhudhu oru thuli vizhudhu
oru thuli iru thuli
sila thuli pala thuli
padapada thadathada sadasadavena sidharudhu

chinnachchinna mazhaiththuligal saerththu vaippaenoa
minnal oliyil nooleduththuk koarththu vaippaenoa
chinnachchinna mazhaiththuligal saerththu vaippaenoa
minnal oliyil nooleduththuk koarththu vaippaenoa
sakkaravaagamoa mazhaiyai arundhumaa – naan
sakkaravaagap paravai aavaenoa
mazhaiyin thaaraigal vaira vizhudhugal
vizhudhu pidiththu vinnil saervaenoa


siru poovinilae vizhundhaal oru thaenthuliyaay varuvaay
siru sippiyilae vizhundhaal oru muththenavae muthirvaay
payir vaerinilae vizhundhaal navadhaaniyamaay vilaivaay
en kanvizhikkul vizhundhadhanaal kavidhaiyaaga malarnthaay
andha iyarkaiyannai padaiththa oru periya shavar idhu
ada indha vayadhu kazhindhaal piragengu nanaivadhu
ival kanniyenbadhai indha mazhai kandarindhu solliyadhu


mazhai kavidhai kondu varudhu yaarum kadhavadaikka vaendaam
oru karuppukkodi kaatti yaarum kudai pidikka vaendaam
idhu dhaevadhaiyin parisu yaarum thirumbik kolla vaendaam
nedunjaalayilae nanaiya oruvar sammadhamum vaendaam
andha maegam surandha paalil aen nanaiya marukkiraay
nee vaazhavandha vaazhvil oru pagudhi izhakkiraay
nee kangal moodik karaiyumboadhu mannil sorggam eydhuvaay (2)

oahoahoa ohoa ohoa oahohohoahoa (3)



6 Responses to “Rain, always you rain…!!!”

  1. Ram August 3, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    hmm ..nice post!.. i like rains too ..but always get disgusted by the mess it creates ..for one thing, riding is always a problem, with the accelerator and clutch handles getting slippery, and as u said wading through the waters is always a difficulty .. especially through the ocean of water that always stagnated in front of our OTP gates and then later on being slugged in the seats all drenched all day long..
    i would rather prefer snuggled in blankets in the comfort of my home with a hot cup of coffee or slumbered deep.. now that’s romantic 🙂

    • The Alchemist August 3, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

      I know… looking and feeling like a “wet puppy” all day long in wet uncomfy clothes, drinking umpteen cups of coffee in efforts to stay warm, trying to complete the day’s tasks with really no mood, looking longingly at the rain again and again from the lobby glass,…

      Ah well, the messy rainy OTP days for me is ending soon…

      Oh, well, but like you said, romance is slumbering within warm folds of blankets at home 😀 nicely put…!!!

  2. Shalini August 6, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    Too good one 🙂

    • The Alchemist August 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

      Thanks 🙂

  3. kavitha September 16, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    I am sure ofcourse rain will be definitely romantic if you fall in love… and your eyes will not know all the drawbacks if you enjoy the time with your companion which cannot be bring back…


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