My favorite words – Part 2

29 Jul


I never thought I will come up with Part 2 to my favorite words even though I did mention I will. So, since here we are, please read on.

Hullabaloo – This is a word conveying a very simple meaning – noise or commotion. Earlier it was just to convey the sound of calling with a noise – viz – halloo. Then by a process called reduplication, where another word which just conveys the same meaning is added to the original word and which is rhyming with the original word was done and baloo was added to halloo and the word got morphed into hullabaloo. Now, how did it enter my favorite word grid? I love the euphony of it. Ya, that’s my next word.

Euphonic – A pleasant sound. It has a Greek origin. Eu means good and phone means sound in Greek. I love this word also because of its sheer euphonic nature. I have this overpoweringly impulsive need to use certain words just so it vibrates from my vocal cord and rolls off my tongue. Well, cacophonous also is euphonous to my ears. Know what it means 😉 Come on, click the link.

Daycation – I recently came across this word. And I was fascinated that such words also exists. It means a short vacation taken during the day which involves no overnight stay. You think this is interesting? Wait until you look up words like naycation(vacation without spending money on leisure or recreation) and staycation(stay at home vacation). Instead of saying, I like them, I should say I just want to mention them here because I think they are interesting and weird at the same time.

Oxymoron – A Greek word which translates to sharp-dull. It is a figure of speech which has a pair (or more) of conjoined words which are mutually exclusive (or otherwise contradictory). I have listed a few examples.

  • Awfully nice
  • Pretty bad
  • Deafening silence
  • All alone
  • Mournful optimist

Hey, don’t you think we could just keep on making up these things forever? When I was younger, I thought this word, oxymoron meant someone brawny and foolish. Like you know, oxy to indicate he was heavily built and moron to mean he was stupid.

Froward – It means willful, stubborn bordering on disobedience and actually it conveys a not so pleasant trait. So, why do I like it? Because it is FUN TO USE. The reader think that perhaps forward has been spelt wrongly and also used in a wrong context. So, it is interesting to use and put the readers in a mild confusion until they actually realize that they have been thinking about this anagram which is my next word.

Anagram – Have you watched the movie Da Vinci Code or read the book? You don’t need me to explain this if you have done that. So, if anyone is about to either google out anagram or Da Vinci code, you better press the OFF/sleep button of your PC/laptop and go watch the movie or read the book!!!

Well, if you have not yet done that because you already know what this means, and wondering why I like Anagram, here we go – I like the “M” sound. And anagram has a dragging M sound at the end and it keeps echoing inside the tunnel of your mouth after having uttered it and closing the mouth.

So, well, puzzle time now. Find these words from my word grid 🙂

My favorite words - Part 2

Find out the above listed 6 of my favorite words from this word grid.


6 Responses to “My favorite words – Part 2”

  1. RP July 29, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    Similar to the many “cations” find if there is a word called “offycation”? which can be referred for spending time in office without working 😉 😀

    Personally i like staycation… :). Check ur mail for the puzzle answers. Guess iam the first this time too 😀

    • The Alchemist July 30, 2010 at 8:57 am #

      Nope. No offycation yet. perhaps, you can go about coining it since you are good at it 😉

      • RP July 30, 2010 at 11:25 am #

        Of course, I would. And you know who has inspired me 😉

  2. Vidya July 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    I like Staycation, Daycation, Naycation! Must share them with my son. He will find good use for these:)

    • The Alchemist August 3, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

      Yes pls… Let me know his reaction to such words 🙂


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