An Ode to the school bus driver and lady conductor

14 Oct

So, this morning, like all mornings, was a tussle between me and my son. It was 7 AM and like always I had given up on all tactics to wake him up for school. I suddenly remembered that we had both totally forgotten the Mickey Mouse toothbrush purchased the previous day. Thank God, for Mickey, my constant savior. When I mentioned that I was going to unwrap the Mickey toothbrush and try to use it myself, because my son was still asleep, both eyes popped open. “Amma, ennaku venum antha Mickey toothbrush”, goes he. “nee thoongindu irukiye, that’s ok. Konjam rest edu”, goes me. He was up in a flash. I remembered, Swami Vivekananda’s words, “Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached”. Maybe its not fair to compare a three year’s old enthusiasm in getting his tooth brushed with a Muickey Mouse toothbrush with the Swami Vivekanada (or maybe it is, huh?). But then, these words flashed through my mind and I could not suppress my smile looking at all his vigor and enthusiasm in searching for it.

So, we finally found it after 2 minutes of frenzy searching and finished all our morning “responsibilities” dutifully. We were still running short of 5 minutes by the time we had finished breakfast and fastened the shoes Velcro. You know, a three year old has a certain way of doing it and everyday the mother is supposed to do it that way alone, not any other way. But if it were the father fastening the Velcro, he could do it any way, because that’s supposed to be a guy thing between the father and son, so thinks my son who dotes on his dad.

We were now running 7 minutes short of the time when the bus actually comes to our bus stop. So, I call up the driver (At times like this, I don’t curse the cell phone… Oh, never mind, I never curse the cell phone . No, my love did not blossom over it, but certainly, many “fights” got averted because of it. Well, cell phone, rather sms is the medium I prefer to “fight” with my DDH because, you know, I don’t have to look at his face or feel bad that he feels bad or even worry about his response. Well, almost always he never replies to any sms which involves a confrontation. Sorry, he never replies to any sms. Oh, well, I will write about that later sometimes). Now the lady conductor attends the phone and I ask, “!@#^%stop vandutheengala?” (Have you reached that particular stop?) “sorry, late ayuduchu, 2 mins la vanduduvom”. (We are running late and will be there in 2 mins). So, Thank God for small favors. Will I ever curse or scold anyone who runs late hereafter. Never!!! Oh well, I never do that anyways. But still, the morning was turning out not so bad after all. Now, we still had a good 5 minutes to reach the bus stop. So, exactly after 2 more minutes I call them back asking where they were. “Ungaluku thaan wait panrom.” (waiting for you).

So, we run, both of us. Me and my 3 year old. He ain’t as fast as the trekker. So, the trekker carries him and places him on her hips (the good old south Indian way). Now I know why that’s the most convenient way to hold/carry a child. And the marathon with time started…

So, the bus driver was all smiles. No curses. The lady conductor was again all smiles. It was as if they were both truly happy that we made it to the bus stop without a long delay. I panted and heaved and handed over my most precious bundle to her. And she made him sit near the window seat. Ambika (the lady conductor) says, she is so glad we made it to the bus. The driver smiles and asked, Shall we move on? I waved at them all. My son was already busy checking out his bus mates. The lady conductor back to her task and ofcourse the driver glued onto the road. They had waited for more than 5 minutes for one person. I was really the most surprised of the lot. Not listening to curses in Chennai is something I am not accustomed to in this 3 – 4 years of urban life. After all, its not bad and could compete for runner up to Coimbatore, huh?! If you know what I mean, Coimbatore – Heaven on earth!!! (Guess what my next blog is about… )

Ok, well, I am just wondering that maybe the world is not that bad a place we think it to be. Its actually very good and we rarely come across all the goodness because probably, we are not looking forward to it. Or probably, we try to see the world as a mirror and only come across whatever is reflected? But whatever happened this morning, was something, I will not forget easily. The marathon was well rewarded not only by us making it to the bus, but also no curses from anyone …

Oh well, coming back to the topic, I do not know how to convey my happiness over the fact. Maybe an ode to them both would be apt. The average normal citizen of the world is still that – normal and kind and nice 


2 Responses to “An Ode to the school bus driver and lady conductor”

  1. Ramprakash October 15, 2009 at 6:24 pm #

    Good one. A typical morning session in every house with a little hero !…

    • The Alchemist October 15, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, my little hero! 🙂

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