Funny “bedtime story” incident

12 Jul

We have this habit of speaking of Krishna, the very little boy, who plays pranks and is very naughty and steals butter and curds from neighbors. Oh, yes, the very Lord Krishna. And the toddler just loves Krishna and thinks Krishna is some enigmatic friend of his. So, bedtime stories are usually some stories of the Krishna. And mommy, that is me, has completely exhausted all my resources of Krishna stories and at times have to make up.

So, well, in one such story telling session, I was telling the story of how Krishna’s mom once tied him onto a grinding stone, because she got so tired of all his naughty pranks. And Krishna in all his might and valor pulled the huge grinding and on the path, he encountered 2 trees, close together through which he could pass through, but his grinding stone couldn’t. And in all his might when he pulled, the trees fell down and the grinding stone came through. So, one night after listening to this story, umpteen times, my son asks me, amma, why dint Krishna use a scissor to cut the ropes binding him to the grinding stone? I say, he dint have a scissor with him then. He was in the backyard. And then he says, why dint he call for help, why should he go to all the extent to pulling it? I said no one was around to hear him. Then in all his brilliance he says, amma, but if he had so much of strength and valor, why dint he bite off the ropes connecting him to the stone? Or why dint he snap it off himself? Surely he dint have to tire himself out, right?

In this age of Spiderman and Superman and Jackie Chan, where things and actions happen in a jiffy, I am sure our little kiddo is wondering what’s the big deal with Lord Krishna and the mighty Hanuman spending so much effort and energy on seemingly trivial things. Maybe thats why we have movies like “The return of the Hanuman” and cartoons like “Chota Bheem” in cartoon channels.

Anyways, coming back to our topic at hand, how do I explain the reason and purpose of incidents of the past to our little guy who is bright and intelligent (that’s the proud mommy speaking)? It is not as if our dear Krishna was trying to show off his might. There is a difference between letting people know, showing off and simply doing things the way they are done for a specific reason. OH, of reasons and explanations. But our little guy insists that we should not have to go all the way out of the way to do something which can be done in a far simpler way. If only life were so easy and simple. And our little guy will be full of 3 years old in a month! So, can we as well conclude that babies are far intelligent and mature than us, highly skilled and professional fellaws??!!


4 Responses to “Funny “bedtime story” incident”

  1. yuva July 30, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

    Highly Skilled!! Who are you kidding?

  2. av August 1, 2009 at 4:27 am #

    cool! enjoyed it. i am sure that these kiddos are way superior (don’t mean to compare though!) than us in many ways

  3. Vidya September 25, 2009 at 4:33 pm #

    krishna is a hit with the kiddos. if only we knew the answers to the questions!!

    • The Alchemist September 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm #

      Of “ifs and buts” with kiddos 🙂
      Always be on your toes. They have an unexpected question wrapped up under their sleeves!!!

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