A Span of two hours

11 Jul

So, here I am, after a long time, dabbling in my blogs again. This long hiatus was not because of dearth of things to write about; it basically was the way things affected me. Maybe this thing which you guys are going to read about affected me more than any other things in the recent past. So, here I go…

 The morning was a complete disaster, as always, but this morning was even more for a long list of reasons. My son’s school bus supposedly comes at 7:55 AM. And we have to leave home at around 7:45 AM to safely catch it. It was the second day of his school bus experience and it doesn’t speak positively on me as a mother if he misses it today, being just the second day. So, at 7 AM, my dear husband tried to wake us both. And suddenly I started hearing a shout that it was 7:10 AM.

 Oh, well, so we wake up and try to get ready. My son got one of his interesting moods just today. I call it interesting moods and not whims and fancies, because well, retrospectively when I think about it, it does seem to be interesting. He wanted daddy to get him ready for school. So, my dear husband, tried doing things for him. And he wanted a pair of trousers identical to his father. So, I searched and searched and got a blue cargos. But oh well, it dint have stripes on it, like his father’s had. So, we decided that his daddy should change his trousers to green to match Ashwin’s green cargos. But, little did we realize that it had to be the same shade of green and cargos and formal trousers had a huge deal of difference between them. Now, all these “interesting moods”, coupled with my lack of patience, and general irritation I had towards everyone and not being an early morning person, did little to look at things calmly.

 And my dear husband tried to put on a face that it was my entire fault. My fault that I went to bed late, my fault that I came back home from work late, my fault that I was exhausted so much. Oh, well, did u guys know, if you eat cabbages in abundance, you can avoid backaches. Backaches have nothing to do with sitting at work in an erect manner for 12 hours a day on a hard back chair. Backaches have everything to do with not eating cabbages. That’s my physician husband’s humble opinion. Oh, well, my irritation and anger were directed towards everything, including my own physical shortcomings, my apathy towards work, my boredom with the general nature of work, my lack of persuasive skills in making my son wear a decent outfit.

 Oh well, the morning was more than just a simple mere disaster. Now, I am making note that I should always purchase clothes for my husband and son in such a way that he looks like a miniature version of my dear husband on prowl. This won’t seem to be a easy job. Peter England and Allen Solly don’t make kid’s clothes, or do they? Maybe we should check out and probably request them if they don’t. lol… Should I shell out thousands of bucks on kid’s clothes too in coming years to come to make him appear like a miniature daddy??? Oh well, they dint say all these in the books about bringing up boys. Just my hard luck!

 So, well, I was brought out of my reverie by the banging of the door. My husband had left for work. Naturally, who will want to deal with a screaming kid when he is as late as he is to work, when all the blame has to rest on a staminaless lady(is it even a word? Maybe my physician husband would correct it later on when I forward this to him…).

 Amazingly, the screaming stopped, the interesting moods vanished. I was surprised beyond measure. My son started feeling the sense of urgency with which we had to leave home to catch the bus. No, it was no more to do with formal trousers which were blue in color and had black stripes on it. It was more of a basic sense of wearing some outfit so that the rest of the guys out there, don’t say “Shame, shame, where are your clothes?”. My son tried to hurry me up saying; we are going to miss the bus if we don’t hurry up. Now, I don’t believe this. And neither will anyone even if I try to explain that he stopped all his tantrums in a second. The object of his competition had left. He had no one to compete with now. Any clothes are fine now, as long as he gets to wear something. Now, my my, why does not my husband get to see this?!

 He had these looks that I was the cause and reason for all irritable things to happen at home. Now, on a retrospective note, I feel that he and his son are the cause of all whims and fancies to be happening and being encouraged. All boys have their father to copy from and imitate from and relate to. As long as it is only mom at home, he does not have to impress her, because she is aleready impressed with her darling son. How many psychological discoveries I have to make?! I am sure they are going to be interesting.

 So, off we go to the bus stop. Wait for about fifteen minutes there. I try to reason with him, that he doesn’t have to wear clothes like daddy because he is not yet a big boy.

 Now, another interesting thing which happened is, I received not a single phone call from this same dear husband to enquire if my son missed or caught the bus? If I went to work at time or not. It was as if he was angry with me for having woken up late, for my son’s tantrums. It was as if he was angry with me for coming home from late, for sleeping late, for being puny, for being staminaless, for not eating cabbages, could the list end here?

 Here I toil at work, I am emotionally and physically drained, I don’t get the rest I deserve. I was generally bitter with myself and bitter with the whole world. Everything and everyone were unfair.

 And my footwear was being unfair too. It had to be today for it to snap. So, I visited the local road-side cobbler. She looked like a middle aged woman with a toddler who was eating dirty biscuits and drinking tea from a dirty cup. Probably, bought from the road-side tea stall. I would not dream of giving tea to my preschooler, that too from a road side tea stall. I was initially angry with this woman who was oblivious of her toddler picking up the biscuits which had fallen down on a few dirty worn out sandals. I shelled about Rs.5. for getting my footwear mended. And it struck me, where did she have the money to get him a decent meal? What right I had to be angry with her? What right I had to feel that the whole world is unfair with me? What right I had to get irritated with the wrong doings of others?

 Well, God has been kind to me. He gave me parents who had enough money to educate me. He gave me a husband who is broad minded enough to feel that a woman can go out and work if she wants to. Oh well, he also feels my first stop should be at the kitchen, because he has mentioned more than once that the best way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. What more subtle way to convey this point than this 😉 (On a lighter vein… because he is the best one can get…) lol.God has given me the capability to earn as much as I need, has given me a husband who can do the same, who can tend to his son by himself, who loves me more than he or me realizes. Well, God has given his share of goodies to me. And this had to be driven into me by the cobbler’s Down syndrome child.

Little did I think my sheer sense of irritation and frustration is going to end in this spiritual note. I am thankful it has.

 And I am here typing this away. And vowing that I am going to leave from work atleast early today and try to make my son happy. Hopefully my husband will understand that things at work cant be avoided, the way it is going to be like. Thank you God, in advance for bestowing an understanding husband. I am sure he is one, even though he acts like he is not.

 So, enlightenment can come in a span of two hours if it has to. I don’t promise that there wont be future instances of morning disasters, but atleast I would be in a state to realize that it will only be better from there. It is life and life goes on. And God is more than tolerant and patient with us with all faults and fallibles and still keeps bestowing. So, well, we try to emulate him and try to be more tolerant and march towards perfection.


6 Responses to “A Span of two hours”

  1. Vinod July 12, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    Eat cabbages and then see the differrence

  2. Vinod July 12, 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    Remember Popeye

  3. av August 1, 2009 at 4:30 am #

    wow! i should ask my mom to eat cabbages- don’t know if it helps at her age? maybe the doctor can answer..
    a very interesting and entertaining read with an underlying message ( comment sounds hackneyed), sorry sister can’t be more creative

  4. adka August 25, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

    I think the sentence ‘came back home from work late’ used more than 10 times..(???) 🙂 so it means there was a release previous day.. 🙂

    good one..

    • The Alchemist August 29, 2009 at 7:12 pm #

      Yea! Release pressure brings out the best creativity in me, I guess 🙂 Thanks for your comment 🙂


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